What Is A Sunday Golf Bag? (Buying Guide)

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Every once in a while, golfers usually get many invitations to the course. Sometimes, they just wish to go to the practice range. The Sunday golf bag is what players need to keep folded neatly in the trunk of their cars for the mentioned reasons.

This style of golf bags is ideal for a trip abroad, or a family vacation; it is recommended even for children given its light weight. The Sunday bag is affordable and carries only the bare necessities of the sport. Bags like this, without question, are a necessity in itself to golfers who wish to lighten their load, but still, play a great game.

Our Top Sunday Golf Bags Ratings At-A-Glance

sunday golf bag ratings

Top 10 Best Sunday Golf Bags for the Money

Ping Golf Moonlite Carry Bag9.1 out of 10 stars (9.1 / 10)
Sunday Bag by ProActive Sports8.5 out of 10 stars (8.5 / 10)
RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag9.3 out of 10 stars (9.3 / 10)
Sun Mountain Golf- 2016 Three 5 Stand Bag8.5 out of 10 stars (8.5 / 10)
Sun Mountain Golf- Five Stand Bag9.3 out of 10 stars (9.3 / 10)
Titleist Golf 2018 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag8.7 out of 10 stars (8.7 / 10)
Knight Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag8.7 out of 10 stars (8.7 / 10)
TaylorMade Purelite Stand Bag9.1 out of 10 stars (9.1 / 10)
Mizuno Golf Comp Stand Bag9.3 out of 10 stars (9.3 / 10)

What Makes a Golf Bag a ‘Sunday Golf Bag?’

Given the name, the origin of the invention of Sunday bags may not come as a surprise to many. It was, or rather is, a common belief that we should rest on the Sabbath day, and so the golf players that considered Sunday their Sabbath came up with the bag: a smaller, and a lighter bag whose first prototype was made of canvas. This design allowed players to carry their clubs to the golf course as caddies were given a day off work on Sundays.

Golf has evolved over the years from a simple game to a sophisticated sport with purpose and direction. The same goes for the accessories that come with the sport. The simple Sunday bags, although upgraded and used for more purposes, still survives on today. Even the latest models still carry with them the original purpose of the bag; lighter that other bags and typically smaller in size.

Considering the weight of the clubs, golf balls, and other related gear that a player has to carry around the course, adding the weight of a heavy golf bag would only cause more stress to the back and shoulders of a player walking on the golf course. Walking is undeniably the best way to play golf. Frankly, it is way faster. If a player is going to walk around, then they would certainly benefit from having one of these lighter golf bags. In golf, the lesser the bag, the higher the convenience: and the Sunday bag is the least bag of all.

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Types/ Styles of Sunday Golf Bags

There are multiple designs that are used in creating Sunday golf bags. There are pencil bags which are the lightest, can hold up to 14 clubs, and are good only on warm and dry days. They do not offer much protection in the rain. Stand bags come with a stand, and are slightly larger than pencil bags. Sunday bags differ from the number of pockets they carry to the number of dividers. There are some designed with double straps, while some hold single straps. More and more, even new features continue to be added for better golfing.

Common Features of Sunday Golf Bags

There are many different types of golf bags out there to cover the various needs of golfers. It can be a bit confusing to new players as some features are common across different types of golfing bags. For Sunday golf bags, these are the features to look out for:

  • Lightweight material that is less than 2 pounds although, some can go up to 4 pounds. Sunday Bags can be folded and fit into smaller spaces for storage and transportation.
  • The pockets in Sunday bags are fewer than those in regular golf bags, and the dividers are usually limited to two, sometimes three.
  • Most Sunday bags have one strap, although some have two. If a player has to use two straps on their bags, then they are most probably too heavy.
  • The opening of most Sunday bags is about 5 inches wide. This is practically half the size of the standard regular golfer bags.
  • Other features vary: but the bag should have a tee holder, roughly five pockets in total, a towel ring, a rain cover, and a glove pocket.

If a player hopes to pack a rain top, a few beers for the course, a dozen balls, and similar items, then one of these Sunday bags would be the wrong choice for that style of golfer.

What to Look for When Shopping for Sunday Golf Bags

Two things that should be at the top of the list when shopping for Sunday golfing bags: size and weight. The rule of thumb is the smaller the bag, the better the bag. The lighter the bag, the better it is. When navigating an 18-hole golf course on foot, it helps a player to carry the least possible weight with them. These are therefore the two most fundamental components of Sunday bags.

Players should look for bags with multiple pockets to accommodate their necessities when they are out golfing. Some bags manage to stay light and still carry a full set of clubs. The material of the bag should also be considered. In case it rains, the material should be water-resistant. Look for a handle to enable convenient lifting. The padding on the shoulder straps, or strap, should be heavy. This helps to reduce pain and stress on one’s shoulder when carrying it around the course.

Other features that one should look for mostly depend on their personal preferences. There is color, the need for single or double straps, the need for a stand, and so forth. Therefore, the choice to acquire a certain Sunday golf bag may depend on the taste of the player.

Where To Buy Sunday Golf Bags?

If you’re not really sure where to start your shopping for one of these bags, then let us help you out. Of course, you can visit any local stores that happen to sell them. However, we recommend that you do your shopping online where it is easy for you to compare prices and get the best deal on a cheap Sunday golf bags. One thing to keep in mind is that prices change all the time, and can even change from one minute to the next! So, if you see a good price on something you like, then definitely buy it while you can.

Sunday Golf Bag Reviews

If you’re having trouble narrowing down the options from our editor selections up above, then let us help you out by sharing a bit more information about our favorite Sunday bags. Our editors have selected the bags that they think really offer the best bang for the buck and have shared their reviews of those models below. Give them a read and see if helps you come to a decision on the best Sunday golf bag for your playing needs.

Sunday Bag by ProActive Sports Review

5' Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag
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When you need a compact and reliable bag to carry the golf clubs, you need, you can’t go wrong with this pencil case model designed by ProActive Sports. This one boasts many fantastic features for those taking their golf game on the go and ready to hit some greens while on a vacation or just for fun at home. There is no longer a need to bother being bogged down carrying around those large bulky bags when going out for a quick golf game or when space is limited. The Sunday Bag by ProActive Sports offers a unique opportunity to take the clubs you absolutely need and leave the rest at home.

This model by ProActive Sports is one that is created for beginner golfers and enthusiasts alike to take only the clubs in which they need. If you are someone who needs your entire set of golf clubs without this is not the bag for you as it has extremely limited space for what it can actually carry. The design itself is built to be compact so that it can be snuck away on last-minute golf trips. It also makes for a fantastic bag for young beginners who are not capable of carrying a full-sized bag and do not need to utilize every single club available.

Noteworthy Features of This Model

  • The bag comes in 5″ and 7″ variations so as to accommodate different club setups and sizes
  • Constructed out of light but durable polyester, and plastic
  • Contains several pockets in order to accommodate any golf essentials
  • Includes a side handle and padded shoulder strap for comfort and convenience carrying the bag wherever you may go
  • Large enough to carry the clubs you need without taking the full set
  • Great for those who travel or who are just starting out golfing

What Our Editors Like About It

  • Overall, this is a perfect polyester travel bag. We found the bag was capable of holding roughly seven clubs comfortably without having to sacrifice too much space. The side pockets in the bag make for a fantastic spot to keep any golf accessories such as extra balls, tees, and more. The size is perfect for tossing in and out of a vehicle and makes for a considerable traveling experience as long as you are only bringing the essentials and no more.
  • Much design has been put into making this bag comfortable. The included padded shoulder strap doesn’t hurt your arm and since there is not too much weight inside of the bag itself. With the included strap, you never have to worry about your arm becoming injured or tired. This bag will at no time get too heavy, even when it is full to a maximum load. Overall, we never had an issue with comfort. It’s not overly padded, but what there is definitely enough to suffice.
  • We found this bag to be especially perfect for low par courses that only require select few rods. If you don’t need to carry your whole arsenal of clubs with you, then there is no point of lugging a big heavy bag, and that’s where this bag comes in. It provides an option that will easily lighten your load.
  • This is the perfect bag to have in any car trunk. It’s small size and ability to hold just what is needed for a golf outing makes it fantastic to leave in the back of a car and be used whenever it is time to play a game of golf. It is a bag that allows your golf clubs to always be at the ready for any golf outing that may arise. No longer do you need to be without your clubs as the bag can stay with you where you go on a twenty-four-seven basis.

What Our Don’t Editors Like About It

  • While we wish there was a bag that could carry every single club and be in a tiny package, there simply is no such thing in existence and the same goes for the Sunday Bag by ProActive Sports. The bag is little but ultimately its purpose can also be its downfall. If you go to a course that requires more rods, you will have to make do with what is already in the bag.
  • The polyester material while good enough could easily be better. The bag is by no means a premium product but does get the job done. Luckily, the bag does not have to carry anything heavy. Though this is a weakness, it is enough that it shouldn’t be a problem, just don’t expect to find any high-grade materials making up this bag,

Our Editors Recommend This Model For:

  • This bag is greatly suitable for golfers who travel or do not have a ton of space to keep their clubs. Those who want to take a handful of clubs with them will absolutely love this bag as it eliminates the clunky factor of a much larger bag.
  • Youth who are just learning to golf will also find this bag fantastic as it is extremely small and easy to carry. Beginner golfers will be able to take only that in which they are learning on and not have to worry about hauling around a loaded set of golf clubs or full-sized bag.

Our Don’t Editors Recommend This Model For:

  • This bag is not so great for people who absolutely need their full set of clubs. If you need those huge drivers to hit your ball across the green, this bag simply is not the one you want. The space here is limited, and you won’t be able to fit in the drivers you need.
  • People with many golf accessories should avoid this bag as, other than clubs, it can only accommodate a few balls and tees, nothing more.

Final Editor Thoughts On This Model

The Sunday Bag by Pro Active Sports is the perfect bag for people who need to take a select amount of clubs with them. It is a bag that can just be tossed into the bag of a car and forgotten until its time to golf. Its small size portability makes it a go to bag for those who aren’t dead set on bringing every single club in their arsenal. Really, anyone buying this bag would be buying it because they like to travel, and if you are in need of a well-built travel bag, the Sunday Bag by Pro Active Sports is the bag for you!

5" Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Bag, Executive Course Golf Bag
  • Great for traveling: takes up very little space in a trailer, camper, or car trunk; when not in use, the bag can be...
  • Perfect for beginner, junior, and senior golfers who may not carry a full complement of clubs
  • Padded shoulder strap for extra comfort and a convenient handle on the side to quickly pick up and go

Ping Golf Moonlite Carry Bag Review

Ping 31785-01 Moon lite Sunday Carry Bag, Black
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Any golfer will tell you that golf clubs are heavy, and the longer you walk with them, the heavier they get. To carry them comfortable, you need a bag that is big enough to hold them properly, but light enough not to add extra weight for the carrier. The Ping Golf Moonlite Carry Bag fits this bill nicely, providing an attractive, lightweight bag that makes what is usually a chore much more enjoyable.

The Ping Golf Moonlite Carry Bag is designed with convenience in mind. This bag is a bag for serious golfers who expect to be on the course for a while. Other golf bags may make more sense for casual duffers who play for an hour or two at a time. It can hold an entire set of clubs, and has special construction for comfortable use and carrying amenities.

Noteworthy Features of This Model

  • Weighs a lightweight 2.5 pounds
  • Adjustable shoulder strap that allows golfers to retrieve clubs without bending
  • Three convenience pockets, including a beverage holder
  • Made of strong, long-lasting polyester and nylon
  • Constructed for easy balance so clubs don’t shift and topple over
  • Two-section top with a divider that runs the length of the bag
  • Water-resistant lining so clubs won’t rest in water in case of rain or spillage
  • Large adjustable apparel pocket for carrying caps and jackets
  • Umbrella storage so players can continue even in the rain
  • Double shoulder strap construction so bag can be carried like a backpack

What Our Editors Like About It

  • The Ping Golf Moonlite Carry Bag is extremely lightweight. At 2.5 pounds, it won’t add extra weight to a golfer’s club load.
  • It has numerous pockets and compartments that allow golfers to carry hats, shirts, jackets, golf balls, and drinks.
  • The polyester and nylon construction will keep the bag from tearing and ripping, and ensures that it will last a long time.
  • The water-resistant belly keeps clubs dry when it’s on the ground, and during rain, the clubs won’t be as soggy while they are in the bag
  • The double shoulder strap construction allows it to be carried as a backpack, which is convenient as an alternate method of transportation when the carrier gets tired of holding the straps in their hand.
  • The Moonlite Carry Bag can be adjusted so clubs can be reached without bending, saving constant and repetitive bending and stooping
  • Has a nice reasonable price that won’t add to the considerable cost of golfing equipment

What Our Editors Don’t Like About It

  • It is not the best bag for a casual golfing trip. It’s made more for hardcore golfers who regularly spend the day on the greens, not for occasional golfers who just need a basic bag for a few hours
  • It can be unbalanced when sitting down on the ground. If you’re not careful, you will need to bend and stoop anyway because the clubs will fall out and onto the greens
  • The dual backpacking straps are great for carrying the bag on your back, but are difficult to put on your shoulder

Our Editors Recommend This Model For:

  • Seriously committed golfers who spend lots of times on the fairway. The type of golfer who has a low handicap, has a membership at a local club, and needs a bag that allows a full set of clubs and every kind of accessory you can imagine.
  • Use as a travel or Sunday golf bag. The pockets, compartments, multiple carrying options, and ability to carry an entire set of clubs make it perfect for long transport.

Our Editors Don’t Recommend This Model For:

  • Casual golfers who rarely make it to the links. The bag is better suited for serious players who golf a lot and even play when they travel.
  • Golfers who prefer to carry bags the conventional way. While the bag can be carried on the shoulder, the double straps that allow it to be carried as a backpack make it harder than it would be with the usual single strap.
  • Golfers who are concerned about balance. While the bag has been constructed to stand on its own, if the clubs aren’t properly put in the bag, it can tip over.

Final Editor Thoughts On This Model

The Ping Golf Moonlite Carry Bag is a great golfing bag that provides nice features at a price that is far below what some expensive bags offer. The lightweight but sturdy design make it portable and durable, the various compartments give it great functionality and its design allows it to stand so that clubs can be reached without bending.

It is a bit too much for most casual golfers who need a bag to carry their clubs for a short amount of time. To them, the Moonlite bag will seem like overkill. They will prefer a bag that allows enough clubs for variety, and won’t be interested in this bag’s numerous bells and whistles.

This is a great option for a golf bag available at an affordable price. Golfers could and will do much worse with their equipment budget, buying other bags that are a lot more expensive, but aren’t as portable, versatile, or durable as the Moonlite Carry Bag.

Ping 31785-01 Moon lite Sunday Carry Bag, Black
  • 2 way top with full-length divider
  • Approximately 2.5 Lbs.
  • Holds full set of clubs

Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag Review

Titleist Stand Bag, Ultra Lightweight, Gray/Tomato/Citron
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Whether taking in an entire round or just playing the back nine, having comfortable, quality golf equipment is important. While most of the focus revolves around the clubs, a golf bag is where it all begins. With a golf bag, carrying clubs is easier and more comfortable, even when a cart is involved. The Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag is one entry into the world of golf bags. So, for anyone on the market for a new golf bag, or who wants to reduce the amount of weight they lug around the course, this may be a desirable option.

Noteworthy Features of This Model

  • Double Strap
  • Weighs Under Five Pounds
  • Six Zippered Pockets
  • Additional Beverage Pocket
  • Three-Way Divider

What Our Editors Like About It

  • The kickstand of the Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag is obviously the highlight. For anyone who has been out on the links before without a kickstand bag, laying the bag down on the green or leaning it up against a tree is tedious and can be a bit frustrating as well. The kickstand is durable and strong, which is excellent.
  • Most golf bags have a host of zippers and pockets, so this really didn’t catch our eyes, but the fact that the pockets are different sizes is nice. It makes storing different equipment of varying sizes easier. Plus, the beverage pocket is a nice touch so it keeps everything else dry (in case the top isn’t put back onto the beverage completely). Of course, for anyone who likes to roll with several beverages, the beverage compartment likely will not hold everything.
  • The weight of the Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag is excellent. At less than five pounds it does not add much weight to all the clubs. This reduces any strain on the back when lugging the clubs around. After all, even if using a cart, it is still necessary to carry the bag from the clubhouse to the car and back. A strong, sturdy bag is important, but making sure it is lightweight is also important. The Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag uses a nice combination of lightweight and durable materials.

What Our Editors Don’t Like About It

  • The bag colors can be a bit much. There are neon elements to the bag that simply may not be great for certain, modest players. The neon highlights help outline the bag, indicate zippers and are glow in the dark, which is actually more overkill than anything else. It is easy enough to find the zippers after using the bag more than once. Plus, unless someone needs to fetch balls in the woods during the middle of the night, there really is no problem identifying the bag. For some this might not be an issue, for others, this might be a major issue.
  • Some golf bags have deployable wheels on the bottom to make it easier to transport the bag while walking across walkways or neatly trimmed greens. That is always a nice feature but it is not available on the Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag. Of course, the price is reasonable, so having additional wheels would have increased the price tag. For those golfers use to wheels on the bags it is difficult to go back. For those who have not used a wheel based bag, it isn’t that much of a deal.
  • Maybe the biggest problem with the Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag are the strap locations. For anyone who uses the bag with a cart, the straps will fall over the majority of the straps. This makes retrieving balls and other equipment a bit more cumbersome than it needs to be. Ultimately, this bag is not designed for individuals who use a cart on a regular basis.

Our Editors Recommend This Model For:

  • The Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag is best designed for golfers who do not use carts. While having a cart is always a nice option, it also adds additional costs to playing a round.
  • For someone who wants to be a bit more economically friendly, opting out of the cart is probably the way to go.
  • For non-cart uses, the Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag is an excellent option. It is light weight, so carrying it isn’t difficult. The kickstand is a nice feature to have and it doesn’t topple over.
  • While there are a few minor issues some golfers might not like, the majority of walking golfers will enjoy this bag.

Our Editors Don’t Recommend This Model For:

  • For anyone who regularly uses a cart while golfing, the Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag may not be the best option. The bag is light and easy on the shoulders, but the straps cover pockets when secured in a cart. This makes retrieving equipment more challenging than it should be.
  • The lighter material is used in order to reduce weight and to make carrying the bag around easier. For any golfers who use a cart, this is less of an important feature.

Final Editor Thoughts On This Model

Ultimately, the Titleist Golf 2016 Ultra Lightweight Stand Bag is a well made golf bag. It is lightweight yet durable and the kickstand is a nice feature that makes placing the bag down at the green or while teeing off that much easier. While there are some downsides to the bag, including a few color choices, having smaller pockets and sometimes proving difficult to dig through these pockets while attached to a cart, it is a recommended addition to golfers who simply do not wish to use a cart.

The price tag also should be considered. For anyone who wants a quality bag but doesn’t want to break the bank going for it, this is an excellent option. Because the bag is lighter and the materials are lighter the price tag can drop a bit. The bag should be treated with care though. The lighter material is more likely to wear down if the bag is thrown around and not properly cleaned.

Titleist Stand Bag, Ultra Lightweight, Gray/Tomato/Citron
  • Stand bags
  • Adjustable double strap
  • Hip pad, dry grip bottom

Sun Mountain Golf  2Five Stand Bag Review

Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag BLACK (Black)
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Getting the right golf stand bag for the sport will play a big role in making it easy for you to walk around and also play lighter. Moreover, a suitable golf bag will enrich your playing experience, as you will have all the necessary playing equipment within easy reach.

The Sun Mountain golf 2016 five stand bag combines the brilliant evolution of the Sunday bag and the full features of a light stand bag. Weighing about 2.5 pounds, the bag is easy to carry, making it a joy for you to walk on the golf course. However, the weight of the bag does not make it lack for features. You can carry all the essential gear you need for around, making this an ideal and must-have bag for every walking golfer.

Noteworthy Features of This Model

  • The construction of the bag features 70 denier Ripstop Nylon. This fabric is commonly used in a variety of equipment for use in the outdoors such as the tents used during mountain climbing and hiking.
  • The Sun Mountain golf 2016 five stand bag has a 9-inch, 4-way top that allows maximum space for clubs.
  • This lightweight bag has legs made of carbon fibers, a material that makes them highly durable.
  •  The X-strap system of the bag serves to make it easy to get the bag on and off. For short distances, the strap system works better as a single strap. Moreover, the plastic strap guide further enhances the interaction of the two straps.
  • Innovative features in the construction of the Sun Mountain bag include a high specific strength of the plastic located both at top and bottom as well as the lumbar pad that is high density and features an airflow system.
  •  Lastly, the Sun Mountain golf 2016 2five stand bag will be accompanied by matching Teflon coated Rain hood.

What Our Editors Like About It

  • One of the most impressively surprising things about this bag is how it balances the many features with a lightweight. When carrying the bag on your shoulders, you will be able to easily access the pouch containing your water bottle as well as a zip pocket. On your other side, there is a pocket for the rain gear, a lined pocket for your valuables, an umbrella loop, a towel ring and a penholder.
  • The 9-inch, 4-way top of the bag features full-length dividers. These full-length dividers are bound to be a big deal for any golfer who understands the importance of keeping equipment organized. The dividers make it easy to slide your clubs in and out.
  • The X-strap dual strap system gives a superior experience when working as a single strap and also makes the bag lighter. However, whether you will carry the bag on one or both shoulders, the hip pad and Airflow system make your walk more comfortable.
  • Made from 70 denier ripstop nylon, this bag is as strong as it is light. This means superior quality for the user.

What Our Editors Don’t Like About It

  • At the retail price of the Sun Mountain golf 2016 2five stand bag, it is one of the most expensive bags in its category. The most outstanding feature that sets it apart from its competitors is the storage area. However, this does not translate to value for money in our view.
  • Apart from the integrated handle of the bag, there isn’t much difference from its predecessor regarding innovation.
  • Although it is not necessarily a bad thing, the style of the bag is not as dramatic as that of the predecessor, Sun Mountain Four 5. The bag is available in six colors to offer customers more options when buying the stand bag.

Our Editors Recommend This Model For:

  • Golfers looking for lightweight bags that are strong and durable. This is for when you are looking for a comfortable bag that will make it both easy and comfortable to walk around.
  •  In case you need numerous features in one bag, then Sun Mountain golf 2016 2five stand bag will make an excellent choice. Besides the different styles and colors of the bag, this high quality piece of gear has numerous pockets and full-length dividers.
  • With the sturdy construction material of the bag, there is no doubt that it is designed for the outdoors. Moreover, the 9-inch, 4-way top allows maximum space for clubs to fit, a factor that makes the bag suitable for golf players.

Our Editors Don’t Recommend This Model For:

  • For those who are working with a limited budget, the high price tag on this bag may be a hindrance to acquiring it. More affordable golf bags in the same category may as well serve you greatly.
  •  Anyone looking for a stand bag that features dramatic styles and more innovation. Compared to its predecessor, this Sun Mountain 2Five golf bag does not include distinct improvements. However, this is not to say that it is not a great golf bag.

Final Editor Thoughts On This Model

In summary, the Sun Mountain golf 2016 2five stand bag is, without a doubt, a tremendous bag and one of the lightest stand bags on the market. The construction of the bag features carbon fiber legs and tough material to make it strong and durable. Moreover, the X-strap system of the straps adds to your comfort whenever you are carrying the bag. With numerous pockets for your valuables and the essentials you need while on the golf course, the bag offers you the essential elements and discards unnecessary features. However, to enjoy these features, you must be ready to meet the price of the gear.

In the end, when compared to other bags in the same category, this Sun Mountain golf bag targets the high-end market. However, the performance of the bag makes every penny spent worth it. If you find that the price does not match the improvements made, you can consider looking for alternative options. The market is awash with a variety of brands and products to suit the different tastes and preferences of golf players.

Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag BLACK (Black)
  • 4.5 Lbs. 4-way Top Dividers
  • 14-way Top Dividers
  • Straps are constructed in three layers and contoured for maximum comfort

RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag Review

RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag
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Let’s face it, golf can become pretty expensive. It is easy to go out and spend thousands of dollars (if not more) on golf equipment, and that is even before making it to the clubhouse on the first outing of the year. Wouldn’t it be great if it is possible to cut down on the amount of money spent on golf without reducing the quality of the game?  Picking out the right club is one thing, as it is a very intimate connection between golfer and club. However, it is possible to cut down on price when it comes to the golf bag. There are plenty of golf bags out there, many of which cost a fortune. That is not what the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag is though. This golf bag is designed for those individuals who want a quality bag but who don’t want to spend much on it. While the bag will not have all the same features as other, pricier bags, for the amount paid it is difficult to complain at all for what it does.

Noteworthy Features of This Model

  • Tee Holders
  • Tripod Design
  • Dual Harness Strap
  • 5-Way Dividers
  • 5 Pockets
  • Matching Rain Hood

What Our Editors Like About It

  • The first aspect of the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag we like is obviously the price point. It is difficult to find anything better than the price of this bag. In fact, that is the main selling point. For someone who needs a golf bag, doesn’t need major thrills in the bag and just wants something that can carry his or her clubs, this is the way to go. Of course, with the smaller price point a user can expect to miss out on some features more expensive bags have, but that is to be expected.
  • The five-way divider is actually nice. Many golf bags come with a two or three divider design, but with a five way feature it is possible to perfectly shift how the clubs are stored and reduce any clinking. In fact, it actually makes the bag a bit quieter while moving it around (if that is an issue for some).
  • There are small attachments that are nice. The tee holder and glove/towel attachment are nice features. It is possible to have the towel sit within the metal ring/loop on the opposite side of the tripod stand. It is one of those features that might go unnoticed, but when it use it is excellent.
  • The dual harness strap is surprisingly durable and helpful. While it doesn’t perfectly provide weight distribution while in use, it is better than expected for a golf bag at the particular price point.

What Our Editors Don’t Like About It

  • With the lower price point there are many features that simply can’t go onto the bag. One major design we miss is the wheel design. There are no wheels on the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag, which means anyone who uses the bag will be forced to carry it. Plus, while there are some attachment features built into the dual harness strap, there isn’t anything of substantial note for securing it into a golf cart. This is another down side. Realistically the bag is designed for someone who wants to save money and that is it.
  • There are not many pockets on the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag. While yes, it does have five “easy to access pockets,” the pockets do not vary in size that much, none of the pockets are truly waterproof, and there are no specially designed pockets for protecting valuables (such as cell phone screens). Now, nothing is going to fall out of the pockets through tears, but outside of this, the few pockets do leave much to be desired.
  • The RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag is not great for playing in the rain. Yes, there is a rain hod provided with the bag, and while the material can put up some resistance against lighter rain, once it starts to come down, the entire bag will become soaked, which may cause problems for anything inside of the bag.

Our Editors Recommend This Model For:

  • The golf bag is best suited for anyone who just wants to save money while playing golf. Maybe someone is just starting off and they are not sure if they want to invest a ton of money in golfing. Whatever the reason is behind it, for those who want to save money, the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag is an excellent purchase.

Our Editors Don’t Recommend This Model For:

  • For someone who wants a few of the bells and whistles, the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag is not a great fit. It also shouldn’t be used by those with a bad back. There are no wheels on the bag, it does not fit all too well into a golf cart and the dual harness strap, while fine for the price, isn’t as good as other straps out there for more money. The tripod feature is nice and sturdy, so that isn’t a problem, but ultimately anyone who wants some of the added features or who just doesn’t want to/can’t carry the bag around, it may be best to look at a different bag other than the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag.

Final Editor Thoughts On This Model

Ultimately, the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag is a nice bag because of the price. It proves that it is possible to purchase a golf bag without spending a ton of money. In fact, many other bags on the market can cost five to 10 times the price of this bag. For anyone who wants to save money, isn’t sure if golf is the right sport for them or who just doesn’t need bells and whistles on their bag, this is the way to go. Ultimately, the RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag does receive a favorable nod because of the excellent price point. So for those golfers looking to save money, this is the way to go.

RJ Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag
  • 5 Way Full Length Dividers
  • Dual Harness Strap
  • 5 Easy Access Pockets

Sun Mountain Golf Three 5 Stand Bag Review

Sun Mountain Golf 2018 3.5 LS Stand Bag NAVY-WHT-RED (Navy/White/Red)
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For the avid golfer who wants a bag that does so much more than carry clubs, it is necessary to select a bag with exceptional features while also coming in the right look and style. Some bags for a golfer to go with a one-style-fits-all approach, but the Sun Mountain Golf 2016 Three 5 Stand Bag is not that kind of a bag. With nearly a dozen different variations, this is one of the most customized bags available (at least in turns of color options). Of course, it is important to dive abit deeper into what all the golf bag is able to offer.

Noteworthy Features of This Model

  • Seven Individual Pockets
  • Two Valuables Pockets
  • Three Layer Construction Trap
  • Roller Bottom Leg
  • Tripod Design
  • Matching Rainhood Packaged With the Bag

What Our Editors Like About It

  • The first thing to love about the Sun Mountain Golf 2016 Three 5 Stand Bag is the fact that it does come in nearly a dozen different color options. Not all golfers have the same kind of look they want while out on the links, so having these different options is a great opportunity for anyone who cares about color.
  • The wheel feature probably is the most convenient design option we like on the Sun Mountain Golf 2016 Three 5 Stand Bag. It is hard to understand why every golf bag does not have this design built in. After all, when there is a flat surface available, why not drag it like luggage? This helps take stress off the back, which can become easily sore while lugging all the weight from one hole to the next. Plus, for golf courses that have easy to follow, paved trails between holes, it makes it possible to save some money and opt out of the cart.
  • Of course, for those individuals who do want to go with the cart, this golf bag is great for that as well as it has a cart friendly leg lock. This way, the bag can fit securely into the cart and also have access to most of the compartments. Some other bags block the compartments when secured in a cart, which means fetching balls, gloves and other items becomes more of a chore than necessary.
  • For those times when carrying the bag is necessary, this isn’t a single-strap bag. The design of some bags puts far too much pressure onto one shoulder over others. Ideally, the weight of a golf bag should be spread across the chest and back instead of just one area of the body. This reduces potential injuries while carrying the bag. The design of the straps on the bag make carrying the weight simple. In fact, while the bag does weigh more than others on the market, the ability to carry the bag using both shoulders makes this not a big issue at all.
  • Lastly, the velour lined, water resistant valuable pockets are ideal. The soft velour keeps everything protected, so from cell phones to rings or other valuables, this keeps everything protected and cuts any chance of damaging the items in the compartments.

What Our Editors Don’t Like About It

  • There isn’t much not to like about the Sun Mountain Golf 2016 Three 5 Stand Bag. It is well designed and has several nice features. The price point may be a bit higher than some people want to pay. It is possible to locate quality bags for almost half what someone might pay for this. Ultimately, it comes down to whether someone wants the extensive quality of the bag for a larger price tag, or if they would rather go with something a bit less expensive and skip some of the quality design features.
  • Probably the worst part of the bag is a design flaw in the beverage compartment. It isn’t in a great location. For those people who carry the bag, the water bottle (or other beverage) is going to continually smack the individual in the small of the back down their backside. It isn’t comfortable at all with it in this location. Of course, it works fine when attached to carts or in the tripod position, but when carrying, it is not a well placed design. Due to this, it is usually better to place the water bottle somewhere else in the bag.

Our Editors Recommend This Model For:

  • The Sun Mountain Golf 2016 Three 5 Stand Bag is best for individuals who want quality bags and who carry their bags a good deal of the time. While there are plenty of cart features on the bag, the carrying straps are some of the best out there at reducing the amount of pressure placed on the back. The price tag on the bag is a bit more than others, so the person buying the bag will need to be alright with spending more money on the bag.

Our Editors Don’t Recommend This Model For:

  • There really aren’t too many downsides to the bag. It is well constructed, great at reducing the impact on shoulders and back, while also coming with built in wheels for easy rolling on pavement. Ultimately it is only really bad for people who want to save money and who wish to cut down on the overall weight of their bag. For anyone else, this is a solid golf bag investment.

Final Editor Thoughts On This Model

The Sun Mountain Golf 2016 Three 5 Stand Bag is an excellent bag to go for. It comes with seven different pockets of varying size. Plus, the two valuable pockets decked out in water-resistant velour are great additions and help ensure everything placed in these areas of the bag are safe and secure. While the water bottle placement can be better and the price tag is a tick higher than other options on the market, it is hard to complain about the features of this bag and what it can offer golfers from all walks of life. So from cart using golfers to those who prefer walking the course, the Sun Mountain Golf 2016 Three 5 Stand Bag is an excellent option.

Sun Mountain Golf 2018 3.5 LS Stand Bag NAVY-WHT-RED (Navy/White/Red)
  • Highly durable carbon fiber legs are ultra-lightweight and strong for a sturdy stand on all terrain
  • 4-way Top Dividers
  • High-density foam straps are even more comfortable

TaylorMade Purelite Stand Bag Review

TaylorMade Golf Flextech Lite Stand Bag Gray/White (Grey/White)
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Lightweight, durable standing leg construction, straps designed with comfort in mind, this standing golf bag is a smart choice for the walking golfer. The unisex design features fashionable color schemes with contrast color piping. Gloves, snacks, golf balls and more are easily stored in one of the many storage pockets. Keep your drinks cool in the insulated pocket! Check out the TaylorMade Purelite Stand Bag’s features and our favorite benefits of this bag. We also included one tip about a component that we don’t like.

Noteworthy Features of This Model

  • Several color schemes with details that includes piping in contrasting colors. Color combinations vary by year issued.
  • Exceptionally lightweight at just 3.5 lbs
  • Space is of efficient size that measures 35.5 x 12 x 10 inches
  • Seven functional pockets including velour lines pockets for valuables and an insulated beverage pocket that help keep the bag tidy and organized.
  • 5-way top with handle and full length dividers for organization and to minimize damage to clubs
  • Anti-split stand system prevents legs from opening to far and breaking under pressure;  with pen sleeve
  • Conveniences for all weather golfing with accessories to prevent a delay in game during inclement umbrella sleeve, rain hood and towel loop

What Our Editors Like About It

  • If we had to describe the TaylorMade Purelite golf bag in one word, it would be “spacious.” This bag is designed with a serious golf in mind. Beyond storing golf clubs and keeping them organized, this golf bag is equipped with plenty of convenient pockets. The additional pockets organize your golf balls, gloves, rain gear, and umbrella. Plus, there are zippered pouches to store incidentals, such as: tape, coins, food, drinks, and other valuables.
  • The smartly designed club storage includes dividers that not only organize your clubs, but also prevent damage to the clubs. The five way top portions the bag into several sections for ease of storage of your clubs. The full length dividers minimize the potential for your clubs to bang against each other during transport. The dividers prevent damage, such as nicks and scrapes, to the clubs.
  • Esthetically pleasing design with multiple color schemes. Color options vary from year to year, and include choices including black/grey/yellow, black/white, black/red/white. Made from lightweight materials, the bag’s design doesn’t add unnecessary heft for the walking golfer.
  • Durability might just be the Purelite’s middle name. The crush resistant design and anti-split system legs add to its respectable durability rating.  Walking golfers can trust in this bag’s durability to stand up through a rigorous night of golfing.

What Our Editors Don’t Like About It

The TaylorMade Purelite standing golf bag has one major drawback: it’s shelf life. This walking golf bag needs to be replaced more frequently than other comparable walking golf bags. Although the bag is lightweight and durable for its construction, this bag will show signs of quicker than other bags. Frequent walking golfers will likely need to replace or repair it. Being very rough will the bag will also reduce its longevity.

Our Editors Recommend This Model For:

This bag is best suited for a walking golfer. Walkers will love the contoured, ergonomic shoulder strap for comfortable carrying.  There are multiple pockets for organization and convenience. The lightweight construction makes this bag a breeze to carry around the greens. Infrequent golfers or those who like to frequently replace their bags might be most pleased with, as the drawback of this bag’s lightweight construction is to quickly show signs of frequent use.

Our Editors Don’t Recommend This Model For:

Due to the materials that make its lightweight construction, this bag can quickly show signs of use. Damage is more likely with a rough golfer. Golfers who frequently travel with their bag will be disappointed. During transportation, either luggage compartments of planes or trunks of vehicles,  this bag can quickly rip or tear from rough handling.

Final Editor Thoughts On This Model

We think that the TaylorMade Purelite standing golf bag is a winning choice for walking golfers who need a good option for a Sunday bag. Sure, this bag might not last you as long as some of the higher end models, but if you’re just taking it out for those weekend rounds and not trying to use it as your eeveryday bag, then it truly is a great choice. Plus, it is made by one of the top brands in the golf industry. Overall, we just really enjoy this TaylorMade Purelite model and think that you will too.

TaylorMade Golf Flextech Lite Stand Bag Gray/White (Grey/White)
  • Flextech stand System: patented smooth release, collapsible base System ensures no club crowding or sticking
  • Water resistant pocket with micro suede lining: keeps valuable protected from weather and Scratching
  • Dual Density comfort strap: utilizes two materials for added comfort and stability

As you can see, there are a lot of great options to choose from when it comes to finding a good option among the weekend golf bags on the market. And though some of these bags are versatile enough to be used as your all around club carrying option, we don’t really recommend that you do that. Why? Because we purposely chose models that we think are best designed for the purpose of being a Sunday bag and not your go-to option for each time that you hit the course. That being said, we have the strong opinion that any of the models you see listed on this page makes a great choice when it comes to good Sunday bags for any golfer out there reading this.

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