Buying Guide: Best Stacked Washers & Dryers For The Money

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Purchasing a washer and dryer is no simple task. With so many options on the market these days, how do you choose which one to buy? It is important to arm yourself with consumer knowledge before you go out and buy one.

Some basic due diligence and making sure you read reviews carefully, weigh the pros and cons of each machine, research thoroughly, and purchase one that fits your needs are all ways to make sure you end up satisfied with your purchase for years to come.

A stackable washer/dryer is a great addition to any home, especially those homes lacking space. These stackable options save you approximately a foot of floor space which, if you live in a small apartment or condo, is prime real estate these days!

Conveniently and easily fitting into any space-large or small-you won’t find yourself squeezing around large, side by side washing machines with a stackable washer/dryer. Utilizing this vertical space is a great way to make sure your home stays comfortable and organized.

GE GUD27ESSMWW Unitized Spacemaker 3.8 Washer with Stainless Steel...
  • 11 wash cycles are designed to specifically handle various fabrics and soils
  • Cycle status lights help easily see where your load is in the cleaning process
  • Sensing washer will automatically measure the load size and add just the right amount of water
Frigidaire FFLE3900UW 27 Inch Electric Laundry Center with 3.9 cu. ft....
  • 3.9 Cu. Ft. Washer | 5.5 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer
  • 10 Wash Cycles | 3 Wash Temperatures
  • 6 Dry Cycles | 3 Drying Temperatures
Westland RV Trailer Splendide Ariston Stackable Dryer Clothes Dryer
  • Clothes Dryer; Splendide (R); 23-1/2 Inch Width x 32-3/4 Inch Height x 22-3/4 Inch Depth; White; 13 Pound Capacity;...
Equator Stackable Set EW824N(1.6 cu.ft)+ED850 (3.5 cu.ft.)
  • Brought by Equator Advanced Appliances specialized in Appliances for Small Spaces.
  • Compact Size, Redesigned Easy to use Control Panel. Winterize feature in Washer specifically designed for RV use and...
  • Energy saving – auto display off after 5 mins. Angled 45 ° door handle (Reduces bending)
Splendide RV Trailer Camper Appliances Dryer Vented 120V White...
  • Clothes Washer/ Clothes Dryer/ Combo Unit; Splendide CLOTHES DRYER; 23-1/2 Inch Width x 32-3/4 Inch Height x 22-3/4 Inch...
  • Features An Extra-Wide Opening Plus 3 Timed Drying Cycles And A Handy 'Auto' Cycle That Stops Automatically When Your...
  • An Easy-Clean Lint Filter And An Industry-First, 4.0 Cubic Foot Dryer Drum That Maximizes Airflow Around Your Clothes -...

The Top 10 Washer / Dryer Combos Reviewed

Frigidaire FFLE4033QW 9.3 Cu. Ft. White Electric Washer/Dryer Combo Review

If you’re shopping for an electric stacked washer and dryer in white, then we suggest that you consider this model from Frigidaire.

This 27″ Washer/Dryer Laundry Center provides 3.8 Cu. Ft. washer and 5.5 Cu. Ft. dryer capacity.

With 9 wash cycles such as delicate, quick cycle and casual, it meets all of your washing needs. It also offers 9 drying cycles including delicate, casual and towels. The Timed Dry Cycle feature helps to choose the desired drying time limit that works with your schedule.

Not sure if it will fit in your laundry room? The dimensions are – width: 27, Depth: 31.5, Height: 76.

GE GUD27ESSMWW Unitized Spacemaker 3.8 Washer with Stainless Steel...
  • 11 wash cycles are designed to specifically handle various fabrics and soils
  • Cycle status lights help easily see where your load is in the cleaning process
  • Sensing washer will automatically measure the load size and add just the right amount of water

Samsung Appliance Stainless Platinum Front Load Laundry Pair

If you’re like me and prefer a front loading washer and dryer, then definitely check out this front-loading stacked washer and dryer combo from GE.

Features for the Frontload Washer:

  • Stainless steel basket
    Long-lasting stainless steel finish resists rust and won’t chip, peel or snag clothes
  • Internal water heater
    Increases wash temperature to reduce bacteria and provide better cleaning for the really tough stains
  • 1400 RPM spin speed
    Fast spin speeds remove water efficiently and minimize dry time
  • 5 wash/spin speed combinations
    Speeds are matched to fabric type for great clothes care

Features for the Electric Dryer:

  • Stainless steel drum
    Resists rust and helps protect clothes
  • 5 heat selections
    Offer enhanced drying performance and fabric care
  • HE Sensor Dry
    Keep your clothes looking and feeling their best. Dual thermistors continually monitor the temperature with a sensor bar that measures moisture to prevent over-drying
  • Multiple dry cycles
    Deliver optimal drying results
  • Cycle countdown display with LED indicators
    Know exactly how much time is left for each cycle with bright display and lights

Our Washer / Dryer Buying Guide

Different Types

Consumer demands for washer/dryer options have grown and manufacturers have responded by making sure there is something to meet everyone’s needs. The heat source is, obviously, a key component when selecting a stackable washer/dryer and your choices need to stem from what your home is equipped with. Your two heat source options are electric and gas and the laundry room in your home will be the referee on which one you choose. If your laundry room is equipped for a gas dryer, you will need to purchase one accordingly (or have a gas line installed-which is pricey). Those homes with electric dryer capabilities will require you to purchase an electric dryer with your stackable washer/dryer.

Another growing demand is for high-efficiency machines. While you will likely find yourself succumbing to a higher price tag for these, it will save you money down the line while helping to care for the environment through reduced energy usage. If saving money and energy isn’t something that is of concern to you, there are still options on the market for traditional stackable washer/dryers. You won’t have to pay as much upfront, but won’t be able to save money down the line like you would with purchasing a high-efficiency machine. Stackable washer/dryers also come in various loading options. There are top loader and front loader machines, as well as stacking kits available for purchase to stack standards, side by side front loader machines

Common Features

While there are a ton of features that stackable washer/dryers have to offer, some things tend to come standard with these space savers. Aside from the obvious capabilities-washing and drying-you also have the option for a front or top loader machine. Common sizes are 24-inch width or 27-inch width and a 70-inch height or 74-inch height. Front or top loading features are going to be a matter of preference, but you will want to double-check the size of your laundry room to decide which size machine to go with.

Important Questions To Ask Before Buying

This brings us to what you need to consider prior to spending a pretty penny on a stackable washer/dryer. A few questions to ask yourself are:

  • How much am I able – or willing – to spend? Any washer and dryer are going to run between a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars. Stackable washer/dryers are no different than side by side machines in this situation. The more you are able to spend on a machine, the more options you will have in regards to high-efficiency models and machines with all the bells and whistles.
  • How much space is available? There are standard size stackable washer/dryers, compact stackable washer/dryers, and you can also purchase stacking kits in order to stack front-loading washers and dryers. Before you do any of this, you will need to measure the space in your laundry room and purchase accordingly. You don’t want to get home with a stackable washer/dryer just to find out that it is too large to fit in your laundry room.
  • How much laundry needs to be done? If space isn’t an issue, you will then need to ask yourself how much laundry you will need to do on a weekly basis. If you have a small family, you can likely get by with a compact stackable washer/dryer. If the pitter-patter of little footsteps, and the muddy clothes that come with them, fills your home you will want to opt-in for a standard size stackable washer/dryer.
  • What features do I require on the unit and do looks matter? Big and bulky, sleek and smooth, machines that scream at you to switch the clothes over and those that sing when the job is done. All of these (and more) are options available to consumers. Before purchasing, decide if looks and features are important. If so, plan on forking out a little extra cash for a sleek machine with tons of features such as steam settings and automatic temperature control.
  • Do I have a gas line? Unless you want a gas line installed into your laundry room, this is probably the first question you should be asking yourself. Make sure before you purchase a gas equipped stackable washer/dryer that your laundry room has a gas line. If it doesn’t, steer clear of the gas models and utilize an electric machine.

Deciding what features you need, what capabilities your laundry room has to offer, and what your price range is are all important parts of making an informed purchase that will leave you happy for years to come. Don’t head out to the store until you have answered all of these questions or you may find yourself with the daunting task of having to haul your machine back for a different one.

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