Buying Guide: Best Refrigerators for the Money

When you move to a new place whether to an apartment in the next city or a new house across the country having a refrigerator in your new place is one of the first things people think about. Some people go out of their way to select a moving or delivery company that that promises to take the upmost care in moving their star appliance. Many families today have more than one refrigerator with each may varying in size, features, and looks. It’s hard to imagine moving to a new place without having, at least, a small refrigerator.


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Top 5 Best Refrigerators Rated

our rating is based on value and quality
Kenmore 50023 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel
Kenmore 50023 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel
9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)
Frigidaire 36 Inch French Door Refrigerator with 26.8 cu. ft.
Frigidaire 36 Inch French Door Refrigerator with 26.8 cu. ft.
9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)
Fisher Paykel RF135BDLX4 25
Fisher Paykel RF135BDLX4 25" 13.4 cu. ft. Left Hinge Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)
GE Profile PFE28PSKSS 36
GE Profile PFE28PSKSS 36" French Door Refrigerator with 27.8 cu. ft.
9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)
Frigidaire FFTR1222QW 24
Frigidaire FFTR1222QW 24" Counter Depth Top-Freezer Refrigerator
9.9 out of 10 stars (9.9 / 10)

Why do you need a refrigerator?

The reason why you need a refrigerator can be answered with one question: What would your life look like without one? If you had to live for even a couple of days without a refrigerator, the first thing you will notice is that your food choices decrease and your options for dairy and healthy drinks become limited to the single-serve bottles or containers, not to mention that single-serve beverages and foods can cost you up to three times per ounce than what you would spend buying that item in bulk. You cannot cook with butter or keep butter. So, if this versatile, and often organic, ingredient is something you constantly use, you will have to give it up along with any semi-prepared or frozen meals or snacks that help save you time, money, and frustration on busy weekdays. The increased food options we enjoy by having a refrigerator include healthier food options, like fresh fruits and vegetables that would otherwise perish.

What are your choices when buying a new refrigerator?

The top freezer refrigerator is the most affordable and usually chosen for apartments or small houses. You can choose a wider model or a narrower style. This type is available in basic white, chrome, gold, and more so, you can save money while decorating an attractive kitchen. Even though, these refrigerators might be the most affordable, they can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars depending on the features and the brand you choose. This also means that depending on the features you choose, this type may cost more than a different type of refrigerator. The bottom freezer type ensures that things in the refrigerator are at eye level. This is a good choice for someone with constant back pain because, while the person will still have to bend to get things out of the freezer, he or she will need to access  the refrigerator section more often.  The type with a bottom freezer may have a Fresh-door style refrigerator section. This is perhaps one of the costlier types and may not be necessary if you don’t need that much space. The next type is a side-by-side refrigerator  named this way because the freezer and the refrigerator section are next to each other. This also keeps food at eye level and is beneficial for someone with back pain. An added bonus is that most of these types have handles that are placed a little bit higher up, so they are a good choice if you have small children. There are compact refrigerators that can be installed under tables or on top of a counter and are perfect for small dorm rooms or studio apartments (this types is also great if you have a roommate and want a small, personal refrigerator in your room).

What are the common feature you can expect?

Expect any type of refrigerator to have a freezer section. Compact refrigerators may have a small section inside a single refrigerator door or a top freezer that is a little bit bigger and has a separate door. Expect any refrigerator to have temperature controls. Refrigerators with a double door are designed to accommodate bigger platters and some have adjustable shelves. Choosing spill-proof shelving may cost you more, but will save a lot of cleaning time. You can choose fancier or more modern styles with water and/or ice dispensers in the door or a refrigerator with touch screen controls, but keep in mind that the more features you choose the more you will pay -some appliances vary in price for different reasons, like power supply usage.

What should you consider before making your purchase?

Like with all kitchen appliances, only pay for what your family needs that way the cost of the appliance will be an investment. There are many spacious refrigerators that don’t take up a lot of room in your kitchen or a built-in refrigerator that you can have customized to fit in your kitchen decor and available space. In other words, you can find a smaller refrigerator that has tons of features and doesn’t crowd your kitchen. Keep in mind that any appliance you buy will have to be cleaned regularly. Are more shelves and drawers worth the time it will take to maintain them

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