Best 28 Tricks To Successfully Declutter And Organize Home

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When it comes to home organization, things can sometimes get out of hand. Without a good system in place, it is easy for clutter slowly accumulate and eventually take over.

With this collection of tips and tricks, however, we will help you combat the clutter so that you can organize your home in the most sustainable, long-lasting ways possible.

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Let’s Get Things Clean and Organized

In this list of the best 28 tricks to successfully organize your home, we will start in the kitchen, and then cover the general home, the bedrooms, and the bathrooms.

By the end of this blog, you’ll have 28 great ideas to organize your entire house!

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Kitchen Organization

1. Use the Inside Space on Cabinet Doors

Suffering from an overcrowding of spices and cans in your cabinet, and never able to find the one you want? This is easily solvable by utilizing the space on the inside of your cabinet doors. By adding a spice rack or other organizational tool to the inside door, you’ll not only save space but increase organization. For more revolutionary ways on the difference using that inner door space can make, check out The Family Handyman.

2. Use Soda Boxes to Store Cans

They’re already made for holding soda cans anyway, may as well repurpose them to hold your soup cans!

3. Make a Tea Drawer!

Devote just one small drawer to centralizing all your tea and hot beverages—you’ll save a world of space and clutter by getting rid of all those boxes.

4. Organize Pot Lids with Tension Rods

Pot lids can pose a very real struggle when organizing a kitchen. No matter how well they’re organized to start, they never seem to stay that way, gradually slipping and sliding until they take over the entire space. That’s why using tension rods to create a divider and keep them in place is such a brilliant idea. See how it’s done at lifehacker.

5. Store Bagged Ingredients in Clear Jars

It’s very easy to forget about that bag of flour with a half cup left in it when you’ve gone to the store and recently purchased a new bag. Bags of ingredients like sugar and flour can quickly pile up and create more clutter than expected, which is why storing them in clear jars can save a lot of space and product.

6. Cookie Cutters in a Cookie Jar

Cookie jars create an adorable aesthetic and are fun to have on the counter, but let’s face it: often they’re just empty space as the cookies take up residence elsewhere. Leave your cookie jar empty no longer by using this space to appropriately store your cookie cutters!

7. Put Pet Food in a Bin/Container

Bags of pet food can be bulky and unappealing to look at. Get rid of this problem forever by putting your pet food in a bin or storage container, either one you have lying around the house or invest a cute container specifically geared toward pet food storage.

8. Use Outdoor Hanging Planters for Fruit Storage

Repurpose an outdoor hanging planter for indoor storage. Your fruit will look cute and natural, and it will help clear counter space!

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General Home Storage & Organization

1. Hang Things on the Wall

This general tip can serve a variety of purposes, and is a real space-saver when organizing your home. Just by putting simple notches on a wall, you suddenly have the space to hang coats, tools, hats, and whatever else you want.

2. Use a Peg Board to Hang Things

A variation of the previous tip, by adding a peg board to your wall you can utilize all the holes in the board to organize tools, jewelry, and more. Check out Hometalk for an example.

3. Use Cereal Boxes to Create Storage

Cutting up cereal boxes and decorating them can be a great way to create storage compartments! Check out One Crazy House to see how it’s done.

4. Shoeboxes are Great for Storage, Too

Speaking of reusing old boxes, shoe boxes are the perfect size for easily storing art supplies and more.

5. Place Folded Sheets Inside their Pillow Case

This is a great way to keep the whole set together and compact!

6. Hollow Ottomans

Hollow ottomans are a great way to store things in plain sight.

7. Use a Tissue Box as a Plastic Bag Holder

Just stuff them in and pull them out one at a time! A great way to condense space and get those annoying plastic bags out of the way. You will instantly feel you have a much more organized home!

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Bedroom Organization

1. Desk Organizer for Makeup

Desk organizers are great for storing all your makeup in an organized, efficient way.

2. Double-Up Hangers Using Soda Tabs

This one’s really cool… Just take the tab from a soda can and slip it along handle of a hanger, and voila! You now have a small whole through which to loop a second hanger. For an example, check out Macgyverisms.

3. Put a Dresser Drawer Under the Bed for Storage

Before tossing out the old dresser, stop and think of ways you can repurpose the drawers!

4. Install Shelves Along the Upper Perimeter of Your Room

This is a great way to take advantage of all that empty space along your walls. Not a bad idea for other areas when organizing your home, either.

5. Place Tension Rods in Your Closet for Shoe Storage

Works especially well for hang heels over!

6. Use Shower Curtain Rings to Store Small Items on Hangers

This is a particularly great way to store tank tops and scarves.

7. Hang Jewelry from a Cork Board

All you need is a few tacks and you’re ready to go.

8. Use Lego People to Store Your Cords!

Someone made the wonderful discover that the hands of Lego people perfectly fit around phone cords, and people have been using them to keep them in place ever since! Check out this awesome video on them.


1. Add a High Shelf Above the Door

This is a great place to store toilet paper and more.

2. Use a Tension Rod for Under the Sink Storage

Ah the return of the tension rod once more… This time around, try storing all your cleaning supplies hanging in a row beneath the sink so that you have more space and less clutter.

3. Repurpose Wall Planters

Planters can further be put to good use in the bathroom! They are convenient for storage and also nicely decorative.

4. Use a Wine Rack to Create Towel Storage

Some great options are available on Wayfair.

5. ​​​​​Use a Towel Rack to Hang Baskets

This creates more storage, and looks cute, too! Check out some of these small baskets that would look adorable in a bathroom.

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Organize Home Happily!

These are just a few of the many easy and creative ways to organize your home. Try them out and personalize them!

Your new clutter-free home will be sure to reduce stress, save time, and make you smile.

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