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Buying a convertible is a dream come true for many people.  It is a wonderful experience to be able to lower the top and fully enjoy the sun and air while driving.  But enjoying such freedom comes with additional responsibilities.  There are special care and maintenance responsibilities that are a typical part of owning a convertible. So, you need the best convertible top cleaners.

But to properly care for your convertible top, you need to understand why you need special cleaners, what different types of cleaners there are, the common features of these cleaners and what to consider before buying any cleaners.

Best Selling Convertible Top Cleaners at a Glance

SaleBestseller No. 1
Meguiar’s G2016 Convertible Top Cleaner, 16 Fluid Ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 10.55 L x 1.69 H x 4.02 W (inches)
  • Package Weight : 1.5 pounds
  • Country of Origin : United States
Bestseller No. 2
Chemical Guys HOL_996 Convertible Top Cleaner and Convertible Top...
  • Cleans and protects convertible soft tops
  • Safely removes dirt and stains
  • Sprayable formula
SaleBestseller No. 3
303 Tonneau Cover and Convertible Top Cleaner - Vinyl and Fabric Top...
  • Safely cleans and brightens both hard and soft tops
  • Great for use on Tonneau Covers, fabric & vinyl convertible tops, and car bras
  • Rinses residue free
SaleBestseller No. 4
Raggtopp Convertible Top Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant Kit 16 ounce
  • Safely Removes the Toughest Roof Soils and Some Stains
  • Will Not Harm Metal, Plastic, Rubber or Wood Finishes
  • Anti-Oxidant, Low pH, NO Bleach Formula, Leaves No Residue
SaleBestseller No. 5
Chemical Guys SPI_192_16 Convertible Top Cleaner (16 oz)
  • Cleans convertible tops and tonneau covers
  • Safely removes dirt and stains
  • Works on vinyl, fabric, canvas, textile, and synthetic soft tops

Why You Need Special Cleaners

There are two different types of tops on convertibles.  These are vinyl tops and canvas tops.  Both types have special care needs.  Vinyl tops need special protection from the sun and from the various pollutants that are common no matter where you live.  For canvas tops, there are even more things to consider.  These types of tops are not water-resistant and must be treated.  Without this step, the top would easily be susceptible to both leaking and stains.

These types of convertible tops also have vinyl for the rear window.  The vinyl easily absorbs foreign materials and will often gain a yellowish tint or color if not taken care of properly.  The vinyl is also prone to scratching easily so care must be taken when cleaning the vinyl window.  Taking care when cleaning the convertible top and window also extends to what should not be used.

There are many substances that are dangerous to use and will damage your convertible top and window.  These substances include detergents, bleach, harsh acids, ammonia, and alcohol.

Different Types of Cleaners

There are specific cleaners and protectants needed depending on what kind of convertible top you have.  If your convertible top is made out of vinyl, there are cleaners and protectants made specifically for this.  The same is true for canvas convertible tops.

Occasionally, the cleaner for the vinyl and the canvas is the same but this must be specifically stated.  This is never true for the protectants due to the different natures of the vinyl and the canvas.  There are also specific cleaners and protectants for the rear window as well.

Common Features of the Cleaners

The correct cleaners and protectants have some features that are important for your convertible top.  For the cleaners and protectants for vinyl convertible tops, there are several important features.  There are no silicone oils or petroleum distillates included inside of these products.  These products also repel dust, grease, dirt as well as helping to prevent mildew growth.

The canvas cleaner and protectant also has its own features and benefits.  This, similar to the vinyl cleaner and protectant, has no silicone in the products.  These products also include UV protection with a UV blocker to add additional protection to your convertible top.

A high quality product will restore the original water and stain repellency as well as help keep natural and manmade elements out of the canvas.  Using these products properly will help renew and extend the life expectancy of your canvas convertible top.

The other aspect of your convertible top to pay attention to is the rear window.  The products to use to clean and maintain these windows offer many benefits and features.  These products remove environmental oxidation as well as protect against UV damage.  The products contain no silicone while also blocking out moisture, dirt, and UV rays.

While these products remove the grime, water spots, and many contaminants, they also work to prevent the yellowing that is often common with these windows.

Convertible Top Cleaners: What to Consider Before Buying

There are a few things that need to be considered before purchasing any cleaners and protectants for your convertible top.  The first thing to be considered is what kind of convertible top you have.  If you are not sure if it is vinyl or canvas, you should reach out to the person or company that you purchased your vehicle from to get clarification.

Another consideration is the multitude of products available on the market.  It is important to read reviews and speak to those who have used these products to make sure you are buying a product that will protect and maintain your convertible top in the best way possible.

Caring for your convertible top is a simple matter when you are fully aware of the information.  Understanding why you need to take care of your convertible top and that there are different types of cleaners and protectants helps to ensure that you have a convertible top that is as beautiful and strong as it was the day that you purchased your vehicle.

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