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Cast Iron Care Tips You Need to Know

There's nothing better than breaking out the trusty cast iron. Some you've bought for camping, others were inherited through the generations; but no matter where they came from, caring for them properly has always been the goal. 

Besides ensuring that you have your cast iron skillets and pots for the rest of your life, taking care of them brings out their best qualities: namely, the seasoning. 

Seasoning cast iron involves coating it in oil and baking it. You'll seldom "wash" your cast iron like you normally would, if only to preserve its seasoned coating. 

Look: when it comes to cast iron cookware, you'll hear the word "seasoned" a lot. That's because it will make or break your cast iron experience. It really is EVERYTHING wonderful about cooking with cast iron. To keep your collection seasoned and going strong for the next person to inherit them, see these other important cast iron maintenance tips. 

Cast Iron Care Tips You Need to Know

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