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Waxing or polishing your car regularly is the best way to keep it looking good. The paint will keep its shine if it is kept clean, and wax keeps contaminants from building up. A clean car can still get a dirt buildup over time that will give a car a dingy appearance. One way to restore the shine is to wax or polish the vehicle, or better yet, don’t let it get to that state by having a regular maintenance schedule. You need the best car polish & wax kits to make those cars shine.

Cars are painted differently now than they were a few decades ago. It used to be that cars had several coats of paint, and you could restore, or even improve, the finish by waxing. This would at times actually remove on of the coats of paint, making it look like new, and since there were a bunch of them, it didn’t matter.

Now cars don’t have the multi-coats of paint, but what paint it does have is covered with a clear coat finish. So, a good car wax and polish kit help you detail your car quickly and easily so that you can keep it looking brand new.

Our Top Car Polish & Wax Kits

Griot's Garage 11620Z Orbital Correcting and Wax Kit
  • Includes the essentials you'll need to take your paint from zero to hero
  • You get our latest leading-edge liquids
  • Buy as a bundle and save
Chemical Guys Gap_VKIT_04 V Line Polish and Compound Sample Kit, 4 oz,...
  • Engineered specifically for scratch-resistant and ceramic clear coats
  • Optical grade micro abrasive technology for enhanced clarity and precision
  • Designed for use with Dual Action and rotary polishers
Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant Total Concours Kit
  • 16oz Wolfgang Auto Bathe
  • 16oz Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer
  • 16oz Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 & 16oz Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz
Griot's Garage 11145 Paint Cleaning Clay Kit
  • Essential to properly preparing your paint for polishing and waxing
  • Paint cleaning clay will not strip wax and is safe for all paints and glass
  • Reduce waste by reusing the finest sprayer and refilling the 35 ounce bottle
Griot's Garage 3inch Complete Polishing Kit
  • This kit contains everything you need to polish all of your vehicle’s tight spaces and intricate body panels.
  • The Griots Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher and paired with any of the included Griots Garage 3 Inch Pads will make...
  • Includes 3 3" Lake Country Red Wax Pads, 3 Lake Country Orange Polishing Pads, 3 Lake Country 3" Black Finishing Pads,
Meguiar's DA Microfiber Correction System 5" Starter Kit – Complete...
  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT: Safe, simple, user-friendly kit includes the products you need to remove defects and add glossy...
  • IDEAL USE: Ideally used with Meguiar's MT300 Dual Action Polisher, but can be used with any DA Polisher
  • MICROFIBER PADS: Includes DA Microfiber Cutting Discs and DA Microfiber Finishing Discs to deliver exceptional polishing...

Our Car Polish & Wax Kits Reviews

Not sure which of the kits up above is the best choice for your vehicle? Our editors share what they like and don’t like about the kits in the reviews below. Keep reading to determine which is the best choice for your ride.

Griot’s Garage 11620Z Machine Polish and Wax Kit Review

Griot's Garage 11620Z Orbital Correcting and Wax Kit
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Want your car, truck, RV, or boat to look so good that it shines?  Then this machine polish kit is for you!  The 850 Watt, 7 amp six inch random orbital is both powerful and safe on all paint finishes and fiberglass.  It’’s perfect for removing swirl marks and scratches.

It’s 10-foot cord gives you ample room to move around your vehicle and get a finish that would make a professional detailer proud.

Pros:  Affordably priced, includes everything you need, durable, powerful, fast

Cons: polish bottles will run out quickly if you wax often

Chemical Guys GAP_VKIT_04 V Line Polish and Compound Sample Kit Review

Chemical Guys Gap_VKIT_04 V Line Polish and Compound Sample Kit, 4 oz,...
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Keep your car looking its best with this V-Line Polish and Compound Sample Kit. In this package you get four 4-ounce sample bottles of premium finishing products from The Chemical Guys V Line, which includes their V32 Optical Grade Extreme Compound, V34 Optical Grade Hybrid Compound, V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish, and V38 Optical Grade Final Polish.

Each product is made with no silicone or fillers, so you just get premium detailing power. This kit is engineered specifically for ceramic clear coats and scratch-resistant coats.

Pros: Eliminates most paint defects. Very tough against imperfections.

Cons: This kit is designed to be used with Dual Action and rotary polishers.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant Total Concours Kit Review

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant Total Concours Kit
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The gang’s all here! The Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant Total Concours Kit will make your car’s paint finish glossier and shinier than ever before! This kit will take a car that’s in good condition and make it into a car that’s absolutely breathtaking.

The quality products in the kit include: Wolfgang Auto Bathe, Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant, Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz, Elastic Poly Clay Bar, Clay Lubricant, two microfiber detailing cloths, two microfiber applicator pads, two foam applicators and one Wolfgang handbook.

Take your car from good to great with just this one kit!

Pros: Easy to apply, beautiful results

Cons: Can be pricey

Griot’s Garage 11145 Paint Cleaning Clay Kit Review

Griot's Garage 11145 Paint Cleaning Clay Kit
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Regardless of how clean you think your car’s paint is, there are likely still invisible contaminants that you need to remove before waxing or polishing your paint. These include oils, dirt, brake dust, tar and acid rain deposits that have formed tiny particles that stick to your paint.

Griot’s Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Kit perfectly removes sap, dried bugs, stubborn bird droppings and more. Doing this is essential as you properly prepare your car’s paint for polishing and waxing! Plus, the paint cleaning clay will not strip wax and it’s safe for all paints and glass.

Pros: Produces a mirror-like shine, removes all grit and impurities from paint surface

Cons: Clay can occasionally be fairly mild

Griot’s Garage 3inch Complete Polishing Kit Review

Griot's Garage 3inch Complete Polishing Kit
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Griot is committed to maintaining the appearance of vehicles.  Feel free to polish a vehicle before it is set out on display.  A bag is stocked with 3 Mango Breeze towels for buyers.  All body part panels may be polished using the helpful kit.  A Griots 3 inch orbital polisher can even help wax these tight corners.

Their water resistant bag will help store away all these products.  Three different 3″ wax pads may be used on the car’s surface.  Lake Country has supplied 3 orange and 3 black wax pads.

Pros: Tote kit with everything included, Colorful arrangement of accessories, Griot’s Garage brand name

Cons: Zipper may be faulty, Shipping and handling fees

Meguiar’s DA Microfiber Correction System Kit Review

Meguiar's DA Microfiber Correction System 5' Starter Kit – Complete...
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Detailing your car has never been easier with this detailing kit.  It removes defects, scratches and blemishes while applying a glossy protective coat that will make your car shine.  Boasts correcting paint without leaving behind those unsightly swirls.

Kit includes two DA microfiber cutting discs and two DA microfiber finishing discs.

Pros:  pads can be reused after washing, bottles don’t get messy.

Cons: pads thin out after many uses

Types of Wax and Why You Need It

Wax now is more for keeping it looking good and giving the finish protection. A good coat of wax will keep bird droppings, ordinary dust and mud from sticking and marring the finish.

There are different kinds of wax and polish, and they have different value in different situations. The three basic kinds are: liquid, paste and spray.

Liquid wax

Liquid wax is a polish you apply with a cloth, and then wipe off. This is best for cleaning up a dingy appearing car. It is good for giving a glossy appearance and will last a good amount of time.  Liquid wax is easy to use and cleans well, but it is harder to apply evenly and can be harder if you are using a buffer.

Paste wax

Paste waxes are the old fashioned type in a sense, and easy to apply. A damp cloth is used to apply the wax, and then you shine it off.  According to Consumer Reports, paste waxes are harder to use and do not do as well as liquids. They do however, last longer.

Spray-on wax

Spray on waxes are the easiest to use. You just spray on the wax and wipe it off. It is good for new cars, and not as good for cleaning a car that has become dingy over time. Spray on waxes also do not last as long as the other two types, so while it is easier, you will have to do it more often.

Why Choose the Best Car Polish & Wax Kits?

The value of waxing your car is the extra protection it provides for the paint and finish. It will keep your car’s value from falling faster than it would if the appearance were allowed to face or have a dirty appearance. With clear coating it will not improve the paint, but polishing will keep it looking like new.

There are a lot of things that can negatively affect the paint job on your car. If you live in a cold climate, salt used on roads is very hard on paint, and if you drive in those conditions much at all, it will harm your paint.

Things that can affect your paint

Bird droppings are another thing that can cause your car’s finish to deteriorate. Even when filling up with gas, you may spill some on the fender, and that is something that will hurt the finish if not protected. Light scratches are another thing that hurts a car’s appearance. These can come  from twigs or branches of trees against the car, or even from washing with an abrasive cleanser or using a brush contaminated with dirt.

All waxes protect your car from these hazards. They do differently, and each of them are better in certain situations. A spray on may be best for a new car, while a paste might be best for an old car that needs its finish restored.

Which Car Polish & Wax Kits Are Best for Your Car?

Consider your needs and situation then, when shopping for a polish or wax for your vehicle.

A newer car may be fine with a spray on wax, which is easiest to use. Keep in mind that this may last only a month or even less, so you will have to repeat the process often.  Spray wax is also good for using on a specific area.

Paste wax is best for maintaining the shine, and it lasts longest, but after a few months even that will start to fade. Paste wax is best for protecting the shine, but is hardest to use, or takes the most effort. Even with paste you should wax your car two or three times a year. Liquid is best for cleaning, so if you are working on an older car and trying to improve its appearance, a liquid would be the best bet.

A final consideration is to always test the wax to make sure it is going to be compatible with your paint. It is rare that there are problems, but they do happen. Wax a small area that is not easily seen and see if it hurts the paint or mars the surface.

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