23 Car Maintenance Tips Nobody Told You About

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Your car is your everything, well, not really, but your car is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. It also makes up a large part of your budget.

After you purchase your car you want to make sure to take care of it and maintain it properly so that it runs for years to come. Like with many things in life, the devil’s in the details. Below is a list of maintenance tips that you might not have thought about.

Here is a list of 23 car maintenance tips to help keep your car in tip-top shape!

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1. Drive with Awareness…Every. Single. Day.

driving with awareness on car maintenance tips

We all take extra care when we first get a car but being careful needs to be a daily habit. Things like warming your engine before leaving the driveway and shifting the car into neutral when driving at a red light.

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2. Fill ‘er Up at Reputable Gas Stations

speedometer on car maintenance tips

Believe it or not some gas stations water down their gas or forgo the use of pump filters. When choosing a place to fill your tank ask if they mix their gas properly and if they change their gas filter properly. Once you’ve found stations you trust, stick to those.

3. If You See a Tanker at the Station Move On

When tankers are filling the stations, the flow can stir up sediment that can end up clogging up fuel filters and injectors which can lead to your car performing poorly or needing unnecessary repairs. Next!

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4. If You Have a Heavy Keychain Lose Some Weight!

The weight from a heavy keychain hanging from your car ignition can damage the tumblers to the point where you end up with ignition switch failure. Just remember that those keys jump up and down when your car is in motion adding extra strain.

5. Get Good Car Insurance

car insurance is a must for car maintenance tips

This one might seem like a no-brainer but the importance of this necessitates mentioning. If you have a pulse and accident will definitely occur and you want to make sure your insurance will cover parts from the original manufacturer and will follow through with the repairs is green lights.

6. If Your Storing Her Long-Term Make Sure She’s Got All She Needs

When putting a car in long-term storage make sure the gas tank is filled and that you add a stabilizer. This will prevent condensation and protect the engine.

7. Protect Your Car from UVs

If you can’t park your car in a parking garage, make sure to use a car shade to prevent interior damage.

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8. Keep Her Clean!

automobile interior should be clean as one of car maintenance tips

Keep the interior clean since dust and particles can be abrasive and liquids from spills can be pretty corrosive over time.

9. Protect the Carpet

Use car mats to maintain the carpeting in your car. You can vacuum and shake them out as necessary which can save you the expense of heavy-duty interior carpet cleaning.

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10. Seal the Deal – Window and Door Seals

The rubber on your weather stripping can eventually wear down. To help slow down the process wipe on come silicone or rubber protectant. Just make sure it’s not oil-based.

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11. Protect the Leather

If your car has a leather interior and it’s a good idea to use a leather cleaner and then leather protector on occasion to protect cracking or drying out.

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12. Baby on Board? Use a Towel

a baby on board sign in car maintenance tips

If you have a car seat place a towel under it to protect the seat. The heavy plastic can eventually tear through leather or upholstery.

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13. Paint is Car Sunscreen

The paint on your car makes your car look great and serves as its protection from the sun! Fix any nicks as quickly as possible and park your car in the shade to, well, protect the sunscreen.

14. Use Washer Fluid

It cleans better than water and the water can freeze in the windshield cleaner reservoir and cause serious damage to the car’s internal system.

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15. Keep a Blanky Handy

blanket inside a car trunk on car maintenance tips

Keep an old blanket in the trunk in case you need to transport a bike or a pet, for example. This will prevent scratches and damage to your car’s interior. And who knows when you’ll feel like in impromptu picnic?

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16. When Loading the Roof, Lock It Down

Make sure to properly secure loads to the top of your car to prevent damage and scratches. It’s also a good idea to double check that you don’t overload the car. Keep it light.

17. Wash Your Car in the Winter!

car during winter should be washed as one of car maintenance tips

We know, we know, it’s going to get dirty again anyway, but here us out. If you don’t wash your car regularly the ice and cold will eventually cause corrosion and rust to your car. Wash your car regularly in the winter.

18. Wax the Car

Wax on, wax off. The wax will protect the paint on your car.

19. Keep the Caps On

One of those oft-overlooked car maintenance tips, make sure the valve on your tires all have caps. They’ll prevent leaks.

20. Inflate Properly

inflating tire properly as one of car maintenance tips

Maintain performance by getting a tire gauge and filling your tires properly.

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21. Check the Thread

Check your treads to prevent hydroplaning and other accidents.

22. Rotate!

Regular rotation of your tires is important to getting the most out of both your tires and your car!

23. Buy Used!

If you need to replace your tires but you know you’ll only use them for another year get them used. It’ll save you big bucks!

Keeping the Car Running

Maintaining your car might seem a bit overwhelming, but a little consciousness goes a long way. With a long-term application, these habits will become second nature.

These habits will extend the life of your car and keep your maintenance fees low. Your car is your transportation and reflects your lifestyle. Treat it as such.

Happy driving!


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