Buying Guide: Best Car Care Cleaning & Detailing Kits For The Money

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Car cleaning & detailing kits come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, as well as makers. They can also contain a wide variety of car cleaning products, from car wax to car wash soap and everything in between, aimed at almost every conceivable part of your car’s exterior and interior.

The traditionally thought of highest quality kits and most familiar names in car cleaning kits have classically been Turtle Wax, Armor All, and Simoniz. These could also be termed, perhaps, the most “reliable” car cleaning & detailing kits on the market, but this is a highly-competitive and “saturated” niche market. That’s mainly due to the sheer number of car owners in the U.S. alone who will spend good money to make sure their cars shine.

The question you should ask yourself when purchasing new car cleaning & detailing kits is “Does it contain all the various car care cleaning products I need?”

From there, brand names become negotiable, and your new favorite car cleaning & detailing kits may be a name you hadn’t heard of until you found them after putting in the key search terms for what you require in car care and cleaning.

Our Car Cleaning & Detailing Kits Reviews

Trouble deciding which kit is best for your automobile care needs? Keep reading to learn what our editors think about all of the kits listed above.

Meguiar’s G55048 Ultimate Car Care Kit Review

Meguiar's Ultimate Car Care Kit – Premium Detailing Kit For Your Car...
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When seeking a complete set of quality car wash and detailing products, this kit has it all.  You’ll be fully supplied for maintaining your vehicle’s finish in top form with Mequiar’s car care line, including Ultimate Wash and Wax and Ultimate Polish, Ultimate Liquid Wax.

The pack also contains six microfiber towels, four foam applicator pads, a water magnet, and a microfiber wash mitt.  Perfect for shining up paint, trim and exterior moldings while the microfiber towels and applicators prevent further damage due to scratches caused by inferior products.

Pros:  Complete top-rated car care in a single bundle. Perfect for the home detailer enthusiast.

Cons:  Check for leaking package upon arrival. Lids can become loose during shipment.

Lucas Oil 10558 Detail Kit Review

Lucas Oil 10558 Detail Kit
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Is your vehicle looking dull?  Do you miss that new car smell and a new car shine? This detailing kit comes with everything you need – from hood to tires along with the interior – to give your vehicle a makeover.

Comes with Speed Wax for a deep clean or a quick touch up, three bottles of Slick Mist for the shine, Interior Detailer safe for rubber, metal, leather, vinyl, and plastic, and Tire & Trim Shine.

Pros: easy to use, easy to clean up

Cons: products tend to be watery

Griot’s Garage 11131 Starter Car Care Kit Review

Griot's Garage 11131 Starter Car Care Kit
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If you are a “rookie” when it comes to keeping your car in great shape, Griot’s Garage Starter Car Care Kit is a great way to get started. This kit is also environmentally safe with biodegradable substances that won’t harm plants or animals.

It utilizes the paint cleaning clay that is popular, as well as standard wash, wax, and cleaning compounds. There is also a speed wax included that you may apply in five minutes to restore shine between heavier wax jobs.

Pros: Easy to use and there are instructions for the car care beginner. People like the quality of this product as well.

Cons: Some people report problems with packaging, receiving the package with some containers having leaked or not full.

Meguiar’s G55032 Complete Car Care Kit Review

Meguiar's G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit
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If you take a lot of pride in your car and want it to look its very best, the Megular’s Complete Car Care Kit could be just what you are looking for. It starts with a car wash liquid, and includes wax, inside detail cleaners, and tire cleaners.

With this kit, you can make any car look, smell, and feel like new. It has 11 different products, all designed to allow you to do a professional-quality detailing job on your vehicle. It also comes with instructions on how to use these products. Buying them all separately would cost much more.

Pros: Just about everything you could need in one box

Cons: Some would have liked a wax applicator in the package.

Pinnacle Complete Detailing Bag Kit Review

Pinnacle Complete Detailing Bag Kit
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The Pinnacle Complete Detail Bag Kit includes all the premium care products you need to take care of the exterior of your car. The kit contains Bodywork Shampoo, Paintwork Cleansing Lotion, Glasswork Windshield Washer Booster, Clay Lubricant, Ultra Poly Clay, 2 microfiber towels, 2 foam wax applicator pads, 1 microfiber applicator pad, and a heavy-duty bag to keep it all in.

Pros: The bag is designed for ease of use and easily holds all of the products. The kit contains everything you need to care for your car’s exterior minus the wheels.

Cons: There is not a complete how-to guide showing you step by step application of each product or the frequency that you should use it.

What To Consider Before Buying

Here are the main things you’ll want to look for in car cleaning & detailing kits:

1. Highest customer ratings

Stick with these high-quality brands who have built a reputation on making quality auto care products, and you are certain to end up with a great kit.

2. Variety, and getting the most for your money

Everyone wants to know they’re getting the most possible for their money, so which car care kits give you the most “bang for your buck”? But getting the most for your money isn’t just about the number of various products found in a particular car care kit. The potency and quality of what’s found in the number of bottles, jars, tubs, etc. you purchase are just as important — if not more so.

3. Eco-Friendly Options

Many are concerned about the toxic chemicals which car care products contain, and seek out those that are not only good for the ecology but also go easy on their own health.

Which Car Cleaning & Detailing Kits Will You choose?

So, those are the main things to look for when shopping for a new car care cleaning kit, though of course your particular car and cleaning needs may demand other search parameters in order to give you the best idea of exactly which car cleaning & detailing kits will work optimally for you.

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