Buying Guide: Best Swim Goggles

With so many swim goggles on the market these days, it can be a daunting task to figure out which purchase is best fit for you and your personal requirements.

Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are independently owned, and the opinions expressed here are our own.

How do you know if the goggles are made from quality parts? Are they sourced appropriately? And will they actually look like the product description when they show up at your door? How can you trust a company you have never even heard of and have zero experience with? Where do you even start with so many goggles on the market?

Well, luckily for you, we have gathered a list of our top five picks for swim goggles on the market today. There are a few things to consider when buying swim goggles, such as your budget and what features you need.

We hope this dutifully researched information matches your desire for new swim goggles with the ‘perfect-for-you’ goggles that you will use for years to come.

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How We Chose Our Ratings

When we choose our top picks for a popular product online, especially such an important purchase like swim goggles, we search for one key factor: transparency.

We only choose products that offer a completely transparent purchase. This starts when you click search in your Google bar, to the moment the product arrives on your doorstep. We value your opinions and respect your finances. So, we take the proper steps to ensure our best-of lists truly is that — the best.

Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Other key factors we considered when composing this list are previous customer reviews (product history). We consider product quality in correlation with the price (value for cost) and the company’s track record for customer service.

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Top 4 Best Swim Goggles

We hope this list provides you with accurate, well-thought out and valuable information to assist you in finding the perfect fit in a new pair of swimming goggles!

1. Aegend Swim Goggles

Aegend Swim Goggles, Pack of 2 Swimming Goggles No Leaking Anti Fog UV...
  • 【WHY CHOOSE THIS SET?】Introductory Offer! Two sets for the price of one! You can own both clear and mirrored swim...
  • 【FOG-UP? NO!】The inner surfaces of the lenses are coated with the latest anti-fog Environmental Treatment...
  • 【LEAKING? NO!】The specially manufactured Premium silicone material plus the Ergonomic design of the goggles ensures...

The Aegend swim goggles are by far some of the best swim goggles on the market today for new swimmers. These goggles are very well-priced, with high customer ratings. These may be all you need in a swimming goggle – they are comfortable, stylish, and affordable.

The easy strap adjustment allows for an extra comfortable swim, which we find is the top factor when deciding which pair of goggles to purchase for swimming. Most users of the Aegend swimming goggles agree that the fit is normal and allows for a comfortable, leak-free swim.

Positive features of the Aegend swimming goggles include a no-leak and fog-free swim with minimal ugly marks left on your face after a long time in the pool. The easy-to-use strap is simple to adjust and clips together to prevent that painful pulling of the hair we all are very leary of.

The Aegend swimming goggle comes complete with a case to protect the lenses when not in use. One huge plus users rave about is the exceptional customer service the company provides. The customer service department is known to be extremely responsive and very empathetic when it comes to the needs and concerns of their customers.

The main complaints when it comes to the Aegend goggles is that you cannot adjust the goggles distance from your eyes. And some users have reported leaking or fogging after only a few uses.

2. Speedo Vanquisher Swim Goggles

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles Mirrored Vanquisher 2.0 Silver, One...
  • Anti-Fog: Lenses resist fogging for clear underwater vision
  • UV Protection: Protects your eyes from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Mirrored Lens: Maximum visibility, minimum glare; ideal for outdoor use

Speedo will always be an extremely reputable brand when it comes to all things swimming. Whether its swimsuits, kickboards, swim goggles, flippers, or head caps, Speedo is a brand you can trust. They produce high-quality goods with equally high user ratings, and most of their inventory is reasonably priced.

The highly durable and well-priced Vanquisher goggles are sure to impress even the professional swimmer, with their wonderful ability to protect your eyes in sunlit conditions. The fit of the swimming goggles is said to seal very well and keep fogging and leakage to a minimum.

The amazing feature of the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 are the mirrored lenses. The mirrored lenses make it even easier to swim in bright sunlight or brightly lit pools at night. This goggle is geared for training and racing and offers a wide panoramic lens with a low-profile cushioned silicone seal with four different offerings for nosepieces.

The Vanquisher 2.0 is the best seller of the Speedo goggle lineup that comes complete with anti-fog coating, UV protection, and a curved ergonomic back clip that comfortably cradles the head. The goggle comes in nine different colors in order to offer a more personalized look.

Speedo swim goggles are guaranteed to give you the best fit with their G.O. FIT system, aimed to give precision in a sleek, snug, low profile inner eye fit. The gasket rests snugly and securely to your eye sockets with a customized fit and anti-fog protection.

3. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles with Clear Lens (Clear/Black)
  • VISION + PERFORMANCE. Created with vision and performance in mind, the Clear Kayenne Swim Goggles are made with an...
  • CURVED LENS TECHNOLOGY. Our patented curved lens technology offers the clearest possible visibility and 180° wide field...
  • UV & ANTI-FOG. Aqua Sphere’s Kayenne Swim Goggles are constructed with 100% UVA/UVB protection. Pairing that with a...

These Aqua Sphere swim goggles are a top of the line brand out of Italy with an excellent reputation. These clear-lensed goggles are perfect for achieving maximum visibility in indoor swimming pools and low light swims.

Aqua Sphere prides itself on its “Aqua Sphere Difference,” offering a curved lens with 180 degrees of wide-field vision, a quick fit with a push-button buckle, an oversized vision field, a Plexisol lens, and a guarantee of manufacturing with superior research and intense craftsmanship.

Aqua Sphere swim goggles come complete with an easy fit quick buckle system. This system makes tightening and loosening your goggles simple and easy, even while they’re on your head. The micrometric strap has a low-profile buckle to streamline precision and overall comfort.

The medium eye fit of the Kayenne swim goggle sits on the middle orbital of the eye socket to eliminate raccoon eyes and provide a leak- and fog-free swimming experience. The Italian designers of this product continue to up the ante to refine facial geometry to make the widest range of vision around.

The Aqua Sphere goggles allow you to choose between different lenses, such as the clear, smoke, mirrored, or polarized lenses to fit your specific needs. The goggle also comes in a Kayenne Jr and a Kayenne Ladies version as well.

4. U-FIT Swim Googles

Swim Goggles | Swimming Goggles For Men Women Adults - Best Non...
  • Amazon's Chosen Best Swim Goggles - U-FIT Swim Goggles Are "Amazon's Choice" For Best Swim Goggles! Find Out Why...
  • WHY - With Over 1,400 4 & 5 Star Reviews, We Have Built An Amazing Community Of Like Minded People Who Are All Pushing...
  • WHAT - U-FIT Offers A Wide Variety Of Sports And Outdoors Equipment. We Believe That Swimming Is One Of The Best...

The U-FIT swim goggles are a great budget option when it comes to buying one of the best swimming performance goggles on the market today. T

Fitness enthusiasts absolutely rave about these anti-fog, UV-protective, clear-lensed swimming goggles. The U-FIT goggles come with a free goggle case, nose, and earplugs to make for a user-friendly product.

The double-layer seal on the eye gaskets acts as a leak disabler while also providing maximum comfort around your eye sockets. U-FIT is extremely passionate about their customer service and offer a 100 percent money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Mentionable features of these awesome goggles include their polarized mirror coating option, easy-to-adjust headstrap, 100 percent UV protection, double layer silicone seal, and latex-free design.

U-FIT was the first to introduce the unique Quick Release Strap (patent pending) for its state of the art swim goggles.

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Buyer’s Guide

We hope the above list helped you narrow down the best swim goggles for you whether you have been ready to make a purchase for some time or if your search for new goggles has just begun.

As you can see, there are many options, brands, prices, and features to consider when picking out the right goggles for you, but we hope our list assisted in making your search easier. Before you make your final decision though, consider pondering the following elements first.


Budget is usually the biggest factor when deciding to purchase anything. Of course, this can have an extreme impact on the quality of the product you end up with. In regard to swim goggles, the budget can span anywhere from $5 to $430 and there are quality choices in everyone’s budget window.

Set to Swim

Before you are 100 percent set to swim, make sure you keep in mind what you are looking for in a pair of swim goggles. Key factors to consider besides the budget are the lens shade, either clear, smoke, mirrored, or polarized. Also consider the type of swim goggles (leisure, mask, or racing), and its extra features.

Make sure to keep in mind if you will be swimming in the daytime or night time more often. Also, consider whether you want a full anti-fog system or a 100 percent UV protected lens. These factors can help you determine which of the above goggles are best for your swimming style.

A few other small features to take into consideration when determining the best goggle for you is your face shape and whether to buy goggles with or without gaskets. Gaskets help create a seal between your skin and your goggles while assisting in the protection of your skin and eye sockets. Gaskets can be made with silicone, foam, rubber or neoprene. Silicone is the most durable of these materials but neoprene is said to be the most comfortable.

These key factors are wonderful to take into consideration before buying a pair of swim goggles. And it can help ensure that you pick the best pair for you!

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