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Buying Guide: Find the Best Tablet for Kids

Kids today are nothing like kids from twenty or thirty years ago when it comes to electronics. The reality is that tech goes hand in hand with the way kids work these days.

At the same time, kids are still as clumsy and uncoordinated today as you were when you toddled around your parents’ home, which means you might not want to spend a small fortune on a tablet for your kids.

That leaves you questioning, what is the best tablet for kids? There are several things to consider, and that’s where we come in. We’re going to break it down for you to help you make an informed decision.

To Find the Best Tablet for Kids, Know Their Age

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Thinking about how old your kids are makes a difference when deciding what kind of tablet to get little Susy or Johnny.If you’ve got a tween that you’re considering buying a tablet for, chances are that you would get the eyeroll, yeah you know the one, if you were to hand them something like a LeapPad Ultra.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on finding a tablet for your three-year-old whirlwind, a Vtech InnoTab might be just the ticket.The age, skill, and maturity of your children need to be considered when you’re buying a tablet because what might work for one child may not be the best for another one.

What to Look For in a Kids’ Tablet

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According to TechAdvisor, there are specific advantages to having a tablet designed for children. Kids’ tablets have age-appropriate web browsers and sometimes don’t have internet access at all.

The downside of most kids’ tablets is the lack of apps and games that they can choose from. If you get one that is limited on choices, be prepared to hear your kids question why their best friend has an app that they can’t get because their friend has an Android and they have something else.At that point, you’re going to wonder what specifications you’re going to need on a kids’ tablet. The truth of the matter is that you don’t need to worry about it as much as you think.

Honestly, the two most important things to prioritize are the battery life as well as the screen size. Battery life is crucial because one of the last things you want to hear from your backseat passengers during a car trip is, “Mo-ommy, my tablet died! Now I can’t watch my show!” or “Awwww!! Da-ad, my tablet died!”

You know exactly what that means. Now you need to make sure you have your chargers readily accessible and easy for the kids to reach. Hello, extra hassle. When it comes to chargers, it’ll be a good idea to make sure your tablet can charge via a multipurpose charging cable like a mini USB or a lightning cable.

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With a battery that lasts a good 5-6 hours at minimum, you’ll get plenty of time in before it dies, and with any luck, be within a few miles of your destination.

The screen size is also important because smaller hands can’t always handle your 10” iPad with the most finesse. That’s probably why you aren’t crazy about handing it over to your four-year-old ever since that one time that it accidentally fell and left a hairline crack on the screen.

What you may not have realized is that a good size for smaller hands is around the 7” mark when it comes to tablets. As they get older and their hands get bigger, they’ll be able to handle a larger screen with ease.

As an adult, you might think about processor speeds or memory, but most tablets these days are made for video streaming, which means they’re going to be capable of keeping up with your kids.

Storage capacity is also very important when you’re thinking about how your kid is going to be using the tablet. If you don’t intend to add any apps or additional functions to the tablet, then the storage isn’t quite as big a deal. If you plan to store pictures, videos, and install extra apps, you’re going to want one with a miniSD card slot so you can increase storage if you need to.

The 4 Best Tablets for Kids that You Should Buy

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It’s no surprise at all that kids all over love tablets thanks to how interactive they are. Here is a list that varies from extremely budget-friendly to a bit on the higher side.

fire hd 8 kids edition tablet

Image Source: Amazon

The 8”-screen on this version of the Amazon Fire is perfect for young children. There is a bumper that offers drop protection along with a fantastic two-year warranty. Even better, the battery life has vastly improved by an extra 5 hours giving a total battery life of just over 10 hours.

Like everything, there are some downsides, but they are relatively minor in the overall scheme of things. The speakers aren’t very strong, and the camera image is still fuzzier than you would like.

With close to 9000 reviews on Amazon for the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, most of the reviews are 5-star reviews, with parents praising the tablet over and over again.

The top reviewer claims, “So I have 2 boys, a 6 years old and a 3 year old. They used to share one iPad before and I was planning on buying another one so they could have their own. We are Apple users, everything in my house and office are Apple but seriously when I went to the Apple store to buy an iPad I just felt it was soooo much money for a gadget that my kids throw everywhere, sit on top, etc… so I decided to do some research and found the Amazon Fire 8 kids version to be an interesting option. For the price of one iPad mini, I could get 2 Fire HD8 and still save money, so I was like “I’ll try”. Seriously, as soon as I started setting it up I love how everything was so easy and how they separate the content that will be displayed to each kid based on age. A lot of free games, tv shows and movies and the best are the Disney ones, my kids love Disney.”

The review goes on for quite a while, and you can see that she is incredibly happy with her purchase among the other thousands of reviews.

For just around $, you can join the ranks of many happy parents and children.

fire 7 kids edition tablet

Image Source: Amazon

Yes, that is another Fire tablet you see on this list, but this one has a 7” screen. You’ll often find this one for just about $ when they go on sale which is pretty often.

If you choose to buy one when they’re not on sale, you can pick one up for about $. You may also have the option to buy two to the tune of around $ combined.

The cost is well worth the reputation the Fire 7 has earned for being reliable and durable in the hands of children. Plus, this one also offers a two-year warranty just like its bigger brother, so if and when kids break this, you can replace it with no questions asked.

This tablet also boasts over 8,000 reviews, and the top 5-star review says it is a “great toy\real tablet. It is basically a real Fire 7 tablet, with kid’s built-in entertainment center. There are 2 modes here: Parent (admin) and Kids (one or multiple accounts). When in Parent mode (password protected), the Fire 7 looks and feels just like an Android tablet with all of the Fire 7 functionality (Facebook, Netflix, Books, blah, blah), so all of us Android users feel right at home. In the Parent mode, you can also manage kids accounts: how much they can use the tablet per day, what they can and cannot watch/play, manage their installed apps, etc. When in kid’s mode, the tablet behaves just like it is on the pictures, easy-to-use, colorful interface. You need to click switch user to switch from Parent to Kids accounts.”

apple ipad 2018 32gb

Image Source: Amazon

There’s a lot to be said for Apple iDevices like the iPad. While it is definitely on the more expensive side of tablets, there are an incredible amount of apps available for kids in the Apple store.

The apps include a plethora of educational and augmented reality options that are very kid-friendly. In just one example, Froggipedia, you will see a frog on your desk when you use it. With that frog, your child can learn about the inner-workings of the frog without ever having to sacrifice your kitchen table space in favor of a dissection.

The latest model as of 2018 also offers a battery life of up to a total of 10 hours which includes streaming videos or just surfing the web.

Additionally, it has the added bonus of working with Apple Pencil, although that does cost extra. Over at, the editor rated it as a 4-star tablet.

The screen displays a sharp image which children will enjoy, but you’ll want to make sure you buy a protective cover to keep it safe when your kid drops it down the stairs or on the tile floor in the middle of the kitchen.

Customers like Rusty Patena over at Walmart say things like, “I retired in June of 2017 and missed using my company iPad. I held off purchasing one because I thought Apple would release a newer iPad Pro and lower the price on the pro. Well they didn’t release a Pro replacement but this iPad 2018 model Generation 6 is an upgraded version from last year's version and is about the same price as last year's version. I only got 32g memory because From my past usage history I really don’t need it and I felt it was foolish to throw another 100 bucks into something I don’t need.”

lenovo tab 4, 8" android tablet

Image Source: Amazon

If you’re looking for a tablet for older children, this 8” tablet from Lenovo is a wonderful option. It has fewer restrictions and is built on an Android platform.

Because of its design, it allows the use of apps within the Google store with a pretty decent battery life to boot. You also have the option to purchase the Lenovo Kid’s pack which comes with a bumper, stickers, and other kid-friendly accessories.

On Amazon, there are several hundred reviews with the majority of them being positive. “I’ve now had 3 tablets, an 8” Samsung Tab 3 8, a 10.1” Samsung Tab a 10.1, and now this Lenovo Tab 4 10. The Lenovo Tab 4 10 is the best by far! I just returned the Samsung because it couldn’t do right on what the Lenovo can. That is display Landscape mode correctly without having buttons and cameras in the way causing pages to go back of cancel pages or having the camera covered up by a hand when taking a pic. This is a tablet NOT A PHONE and am so happy that Lenovo designed it as such. Samsung would learn some things from this tablet.”

Picking the Best Tablet for Kids

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As you can plainly see, there are many different things to consider when you’re looking for a tablet for your kids. Keep the core ideas in mind and then go from there to pick what will work best with your pocketbook.

Remember, your kids won’t care about the specs as much as you do, so long as they can play games and watch Disney, Jr. to their hearts’ content.

Happy shopping!

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