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Best Eyeshadow Palettes: Which Ones Should You Add to Your Collection?

best eyeshadow palettes in the market
Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Eyeshadow palettes are the best bang for your buck, since you can try many different shades of the same type and quality to create works of art right under your brows.

It is important to remember when looking for the perfect palette to keep in mind what you will be using that palette for.  Are you looking for the perfect Smokey eye, or something more natural? Are you going out in Vegas, or attending a business meeting?

Eye Shadow palettes can be a fantastic way to find a plethora of colors to choose from all while making a single transaction.

We have put together a list of our favorite eye shadow palettes, just for you.

See how we make our selections below.

How Does Our Rating System Work?

With so many types of eyeshadow palettes on the market, it can be difficult to choose which is the best suited for you.  

We use a combination of factors to rate our products, but we like to focus on three main factors: value for cost, customer service, and customer reviews:

Value for Cost

Your hard-earned money is valuable, which is why we look at the cost of all of our recommended products and compare these costs to similar product costs.

We also take into consideration what accessories are included with the product to get you the best deal, as well as what features are included with that product to ensure that you don't overpay.

Customer Service

No matter the product, there is a chance that you may have questions. We want to make sure that not only are you getting a quality product, but you are also receiving quality service.

When reviewing these products, we take into consideration the ease of communication and responsiveness to customer needs.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are arguably the most important factor when shopping online for products of any type. Who knows a product better than someone who uses it on a daily basis?

When we gather our top lists we only include those products that have the highest ratings and customer reviews. Customer reviews can tell you the good (and the bad) about a product or a company without bias.

The Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Your Style

Eyeshadow palettes usually come in various colors that represent a distinct style. Read on to discover the best eyeshadow palettes for your style.

eyeshadow in earth colors

Nudes and Naturals

Nudes and naturals are perfect for day to day wear, business meetings, and casual dates.  Most nude palettes also come with some shimmery colors that will brighten your lids and draw focus to your eyes, without going over the top.

Rimmel Magnif'eyes Eyeshadow Palette, 001 Nude Edition, Pack of 1

Rimmel Magnif'eyes Eyeshadow Palette, 001 Nude Edition, Pack of 1
  • All-in-one eyeshadow, liner and highlighter 12-pan palette
  • High-shimmer, ultra-smooth, blendable formula
  • Mix and match mattes, satins and shimmers for an endless combinations of looks

This palette comes with a mixture of 12 nude colors; including both matte and shimmer colors. These long-lasting colors are blendable and crease and smudge resistant.

This palette is a mixture of beige, taupe, and coffee colors, which blends perfectly with any eye color.

Keep Calm and Wear Nude comes with an included brush and at less than $8, is a steal!

L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow, Nudes, 0.42 Ounce

L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow, Nudes, 0.42 Ounce
  • Dimensional shimmers
  • Smooth mattes
  • Highly pigmented

L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow in Nudes comes with 12 nude shades that range from dimensional shimmers to the smoothest mattes.

This palette comes with an included brush that sits directly in the magnetic case and a built-in mirror to make applying your shadow on-the-go that much easier.

Not to mention that this product is proudly cruelty free!

Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup - Matte Shimmer 16 Colors - Highly...

Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup - Matte Shimmer 16 Colors - Highly...
  • The LAMORA EXPOSED Eyeshadow Palette is inspired by woman´s feminine and gentle side – Created with ingredients of...
  • A HARMONY OF LUSTROUS HUES in colorful rose gold and royally dark browns for shimmery natural and dramatic glamour...
  • PERFECT FOR THE EVERYDAY GIRL, SPECIAL EVENTS or occasions. Use shimmery highlights and refine the fall look for an...

Lamora Nudes Exposed is a palette with 16 beautiful nude shades that features more shimmers than mattes (although there are a few matte colors).  These colors are crafted with top quality ingredients and sport a waterproof cream formula.

This palette speaks to a “woman’s feminine and gentle side” and is created with top quality certified vegan ingredients.  

This brand is happy to announce that they are 100% cruelty free.

Sensually Smokey

The perfect Smokey eye can be hard to re-create, make it easy with these custom Smokey eye palettes.

Glitter Makeup Eyeshadow Palette,Vodisa 25 Color Smokey Warm Eye...

Glitter Makeup Eyeshadow Palette,Vodisa 25 Color Smokey Warm Eye...
  • Professional eyeshadow palette - 10 colors matte eyeshadows and 15 shimmer eyeshadow in one makeup eyeshadow...
  • Brush - Wooden Handle + Animal Hair And Fiber (Size:13.5*4*0.8)New fashion design,Very popular.Used for...
  • Natural eyeshadow palette:using natural material,safe to use.Highly pigmented eyeshadow palette,long lasting.Suitable...

Vodisa has brought together an eye shadow palette perfect for creating a flawless Smokey eye.  This no-fuss palette contains 25 matte and shimmer eyeshadows that are long-lasting, high-quality, and waterproof.

As a bonus, Vodisa gives you a 6-piece brush set that includes both angled and all-over eyeshadow brushes.

Vodisa stands behind their products with a 100% money-back guarantee.

18 Super Pigmented - Top Influencer Professional Eyeshadow Palette all...

18 Super Pigmented - Top Influencer Professional Eyeshadow Palette all...
  • HASSLE FREE BLENDABILITY WITH LITTLE TO NO FALLOUT: Forget patchy eyeshadows and over priced cosmetic products and get...
  • ENJOY LONG LASTING SUPER PIGMENTED STAY: Designed in the US by a full team of artists to this palette consists of basic...
  • ENDLESS COLOR OPTIONS FROM BASICS TO BOLD: With 18 beautiful and easily blendable Nude + Bold colors, Jacob & Eli...

This palette contains 18 blendable matte, shimmer, and duo-chrome shades, all of which can be used to create that perfect Smokey eye.

Each shadow is long lasting and applies buttery-soft to your lids for comfortable, all day wear.

The Bare Palette is designed in the United States and the company claims that one stroke across your lids is all you need to achieve the perfect color.

Jacob & Eli are so confident in their products that they back their offer with an unconditional money back guarantee.

Conservatively Colorful

These palettes are colorful, but not over the top.  These palettes are perfect for adding a bit of color to your lids to bring out the natural colors of your eyes, or to match with your well-crafted outfit.

Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol. II Limited-Edition

Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol. II Limited-Edition
  • Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Eyeshadow Palette Vol. II Limited-Edition

Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea eye shadow contains 8 cool-tone shades.  These shadows are crease-free and cream-based so they glide on smoothly and won’t smudge.

The smaller palette size (8 Shadows in a round case) makes this shadow perfect for traveling and the cool-tone colors make it perfect for bringing with you on business trips for a mature, put together look.

L.A. COLORS 8 Color Eyeshadow Palette, 0.70 Oz, Strange Love, 1 Count

L.A. COLORS 8 Color Eyeshadow Palette, 0.70 Oz, Strange Love, 1 Count
  • 18 matte and shimmer shades
  • Smooth, velvety application
  • Vibrant, long-lasting color

L.A. Colors Strange Love palette is the perfect blend of purples, which is awesome for a summer beach look.   This palette includes 18 matte and shimmer eyeshadows ranging from creamy beige to a deep majestic purple. There are also three silver/grey variants that are perfect to help accentuate a smokey eye.

This palette is perfect for just a touch of color and for less than $10 you can add an easy touch of color to your existing makeup routine without breaking the bank.

Eye-Popping Palettes

Depending on your eye color there can be palettes that look better on brown-eyed beauties versus blue-eyed cuties. 

We have done the research and found which color palates and color combinations look best on which eye colors.

Brown Eyes

Since brown is neutral, almost any color that is added to the eye will make your brown eyes pop; however, teals and purples are a make-up artist’s go-to when they are working with brown eyes to help them stand out.

Sleek I-Divine 12 Piece Mineral Eyeshadow Palette Smokey Makeup...

Sleek I-Divine 12 Piece Mineral Eyeshadow Palette Smokey Makeup...
  • Sleek MakeUP’s legendary i-Divine palettes are 12 shades of super-pigmented, longlasting, mineral based eyeshadow,...
  • Bad Girl is the ultimate palette for classic smokey eyes, containing strong shimmery blues and deep matte shades of...
  • The i-Divine palette contains pearlescent shades, which contain mica particles that highlight and illuminate giving an...

This palette has a great mixture of blues and purples to help accentuate your brown eyes.

Sleek Make Up’s i-Divine, Bad Girl is a palette with 12 pearlescent (matte) soft-touch shadows.  Pearlescence gives these matte shadows a shimmering effect by using mica to reflect light, which still maintaining a matte look.

This palette is also PERFECT for those who love a good Smokey eye.

Hazel or Green Eyes

Hazel or green eyes look best with gold or bronze if you are trying to bring out the warmth in your hazel eyes.

LORAC Unzipped Gold Shimmer & Matte Eye Shadow Palette

LORAC Unzipped Gold Shimmer & Matte Eye Shadow Palette
  • The LORAC Unzipped Gold eyeshadow palette comes with a mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer for long-lasting color & 10...
  • This set of velvety eyeshadows are infused with botanicals to keep the delicate skin on your eyelids nourished.
  • LORAC Unzipped Gold Eyeshadow Palette offers easy blending & no-tug application. Use with our eyeliners, mascara, &...

LORAC’s Unzipped Gold palette is perfect for hazel eyes, these gold hues will help to brighten the gold flecks that are typical with this eye color.

The Unzipped Gold palette comes with 10 highly pigmented matte and shimmer shadows.  These shadows can be used wet or dry and the palette comes with a built-in mirror to make application that much easier.

This palette also comes with a free gift: a mini bottle of Behind the Scenes Eye Primer to help you achieve your best eye look.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are best accented with orange-brown or coral hues which make-up artists use to make blue eyes more vibrant.

Colourpop Pressed Powders Shadow Palette (Blow Me Away)

ColourPop’s Blow Me Away palette has 4 pressed shadows all in different peachy coral tones, which are perfect for bringing out your sparkly blues.

All 4 shadows are duo-chrome colors and have hints of peach and gold.

Night Out on the Town

These colors are BOLD and will pull the crowd in.  These palettes are perfect for girls’ night out or if you simply enjoy really loud colors and like to experiment with fun combinations.

New Beauty Glazed 15 Colors Long Lasting Sunset Dusk Eyeshadow Palette...

New Beauty Glazed 15 Colors Long Lasting Sunset Dusk Eyeshadow Palette...
  • The 15 colors matte shimmer Sunset Dusk eyeshadow palette consists of complete set of matte and shimmer eyeshadow from...
  • The eyeshadow makeup palette has so many options to choose from. It is very easy to apply and simple to blend. It comes...
  • This Sunset Dusk palette is a orange warm brown color palette which is great for fall to winter wear

Inspired Capital L New Beauty Glazed Sunset Dusk Palette looks like a tropical vacation in a box!  It is a mixture of colors from warm browns to deep fall oranges that are perfect for autumn and winter looks.

This palette comes with 15 colors that range from light shimmers to dark mattes that incorporate the sunset in a box. 

UCANBE 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Highly Pigmented 8 Matte + 10...

UCANBE 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette, Highly Pigmented 8 Matte + 10...
  • UCANBE Twilight & Dusk Eyeshadow Makeup Palette is picked with 18 unexceptionable shades which made from smooth and...
  • Both the shimmer and matte shades are high pigmentation and easy to blend
  • Rich color, serious staying power and blend ability, safe for sensitive skin, long lasting and waterproof and no need to...

UCANBE has created a palette with 18 shadows including: 8 mattes, 6 pressed pearls, 3 duo-chrome toppers, and 1 glitter.  All of these colors work together to bring you a daring palette that is perfect for a night in Havana.

Although this palette works for a bold, dramatic look, you can also pair together the wide array of colors to achieve a more natural everyday eye.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate Shadow Palette, Eyeshadow Palette,...

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate Shadow Palette, Eyeshadow Palette,...
  • EYESHADOW PALETTE: This professional level makeup palette features 16 highly-pigmented shadows that glide onto lids &...
  • ULTIMATE EYE SHADOW: Each high quality eyeshadow palette features a highly pigmented mix of finishes from matte & satin...
  • BOLD & BEAUTIFUL: Eyes pop with NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP eye shadow collection. Choose from eyeshadow primer, matte...

NYX has created an eyeshadow palette for the most adventurous makeup gurus.  This palette contains 16 shades and looks like an actual rainbow. 

This palette is perfect for those who like colorful, highly pigmented, pro-level mattes and metallics and someone who isn’t afraid of a LOT of color.

No products found.

No products found.

Beauty Glazed Must-Have Palette contains 35 waterproof shadows in a mixture of bright and colorful and dark and bold. 

This palette has every color you would possibly need to create vibrant going-out looks and will have something to match every outfit in your closet.

BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette, Galaxy Chic

BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette, Galaxy Chic
  • 18 baked eyeshadows
  • Range from hot sun-orange to cool earth-blue
  • Highly pigmented colors

The Galaxy Chic palette by BH Cosmetics is absolutely out of the world.

This palette contains 18 shimmer shadows that are baked and can be used wet or dry.  These are highly pigmented shades that will give you maximum lid color.

BH Cosmetics is allergy tested and comes with a vegan brush for application.

Which is the Best Eyeshadow Palette for You?

It is important for you to take into consideration your eye color, outfit choice, and price range when choosing the best eyeshadow palette.

Many of the products above may have similar features, but each product has been specifically chosen due to their outstanding superior features in addition to any similarities.

To learn more details about the specific products listed, click on the name of the palette of your choice. Each link will bring you to a webpage complete with further details and tons of personalized customer reviews.

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